The Worlds of Pet Simulator 2!

The Pet Simulator 2 universe is expansive.

So expansive, in fact, that we decided to blow it up into smaller chunks. These chunks, previously called areas, are now worlds.

Each world is beautifully handcrafted to fit a distinct theme; packed with secrets, easter eggs, and unique rewards. All worlds have their own egg(s), pets, music, and prizes which ensures each world is fresh and unique.

A blue cannon is placed in every world which is used to travel around the Pet Simulator 2 universe. We still haven't decided how worlds should be unlocked, but it will most likely be tied to the questline.

Enough details, here's some sick teasers of the worlds you could see in Pet Simulator 2! (NOTE; everything here is subject to change and lots of things are still missing! Take these images with a grain of salt.)

Let us know on Twitter what your favorite world is!