Pet Simulator X

February 11, 2023

Valentine's Event!


Valentine's Event

Happy Valentine’s week! Travel to the new Valentine’s area through the door in the Town area!

Valentine's Area

Time to spread the love! Check out this cozy area!

Valentine's Currency

Throughout the entire map, you may find the new Valentine's Heart currency!

Break anything, such as coins, to get the new currency.

If you’re looking for extra hearts, find Valentine's heart breakables for even more!

Valentine's Pets

Put down the chocolates! The new pets are here to be hatched!

4 new Valentine's pets have been added, plus the new Huge Cupid Corgi!

Valentine's Eggs

In the Valentine’s area, you can find the new Valentine’s Egg!

Hatch limited time pets, including the newest huge.

This egg will let you catch up with all your loved ones!

Scavenger Egg Hunt

After the game updates, you have 3 hours to find the new Scavenger Egg!

This egg contains the Safari Cat and a Huge Safari Cat!

New Event Rarity

NEW RARITY! Welcome the Event Rarity!

Pets that are for limited time events have this rarity!

This was added to help clarify which pets can be used in the Huge Machine.

Updated Teleport Menu

For the first time ever, the teleport menu has been refreshed!

Press the world you’re looking to visit to bring up the areas on the right.

This should make the menu better to navigate now with less scrolling!

New Hatch Animation

A whole new look to exclusive egg hatching!

The egg opens in the world now with new animations.

This means all players can see the pets you hatch!

If you think this is cool, wait until you see the unique Titanic hatch animation!

New Meme Exclusives

SHEESH! New exclusive egg!?

Featuring the latest Titanic Hubert!

2 new HUGES! Huge Pop Cat and Huge Knife Cat!

Plus, don't forget, the bussin’ Clout Cat!

Don't miss out on these meme pets!


Removed Setting

We have removed the “Show Auto UI” setting. This would hide the auto options under eggs.

The setting was confusing - especially if you disabled it on accident.

Buffed Odds

The Huge Doodle Fairy odds have been buffed! It was a bit too hard to get previously. Happy hatching!

XOXO! See you next week! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team