Pet Simulator X

September 04, 2021

Pet Simulator X - Traveling Merchant Update

Full changelog for the 5th Pet Simulator X Update!

If you haven't seen it already: The update schedule has been changed. 

Updates are now every Saturday (previously Sunday) at 11am CST. Big updates are every other week.


Also, the official Pet Simulator X Cat Plushies go on sale tomorrow (Sunday) at 11am CST! 

Don't miss out! They are in very limited stock and will sell fast.




Traveling Merchant

Every so often the Traveling Merchant will arrive with three different high level pets for sale! 

Yes - this includes rainbow Mythical pets! It's not cheap, though. These pets will set you back a lot of Diamonds! 

Some pets also require a certain Respect Level. You can raise your Respect Level by doing more business with the Traveling Merchant.


(Prices may be adjusted over time)


Official Merch

The Official Pet Simulator X Cat Plushies go on sale tomorrow (the 5th) at 11am CST. 

Included with the plushy is a redeemable code which can be used in the Exclusive Shop for an exclusive Huge Cat pet! 

This pet carries an exclusive enchantment that makes it always match your best pets!


When redeemed, your pet is marked with your unique serial # and username, forever. 

Even when traded. You can also own more than 1 at once!


Twitter Rewards

Follow us on Twitter? Awesome! You can now get rewarded for that. 

By Verifying the account you are following us with, you can get a permanent +50% Rank XP boost for FREE

Players that are verified also get a sick chat tag! 

You can access this menu via. the new billboard in the Spawn world.



2x Coins Event

Now until next week, all coins (even Fantasy Coins) are doubled - for FREE! 

Have a great weekend! :)




Boost Icons

The boost interface has gotten a cosmetic makeover! It looks super cool now.


Ultra Lucky Buff

Ultra Lucky boost now lasts 15 minutes instead of 10 minutes.


Trade Interface Changes

Only pets you are trading away will be shown when both players are ready. 

Should help the players with tons of pets pretty considerably.




- Fixed clipping on active boosts interface for mobile players

- Filled a hole in the beach area with sand

- Fixed shortened numbers showing incorrectly

- Pet Index progress bar math tweaked

- Other random bug fixes