Pet Simulator X

October 16, 2021



Trading Plaza

Introducing the Trading Plaza! Trade (and voice chat) with up to 30 players at once! 

Currently, you can use every machine in the game here. This will be the future hub for events + more!


Currently, it costs 1,000,000 Diamonds to unlock this world permanently. 

Boosts are also paused while here. I plan to do a lot with this world, so stay tuned…

(NOTE: Voice Chat is only enabled for certain users at this time. 

Not sure when this restriction will be raised, but hopefully very soon.)


New Eggs

As promised, two new eggs have been added! Both the Lab Egg and Chemical Egg are purchasable in the Tech World. 

You must have the Steampunk Chest area unlocked.



New Pets

10 new pets have been added including the brand new Mythical Dominus Alienus.




Giant Diamond Present

Passively earn diamonds by AFK farming the Giant Diamond Present with your friends in the Trading Plaza!



Trading Additions

Search and friend filtering has been added to the Trading window! More to come soon.





New Music

Two new music tracks have been added! Gotta keep things fresh.


Machine Interface QOL

You can no longer view pets that are not eligible to use in machines. Cleaner interface = happier eyes.


Merch Deleting

Some of you were deleting merch pets. Why??? Stop doing that.


Pog Pets Collection

Pog pets have been added to the Pet Collection! Oops..