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Pet Simulator X

June 24, 2023

Summer Update! (Part 2)


World Expansion

Summer is heating up! The summer world has expanded!

Surf into 3 new areas: Rocky Cove, Paradise Falls, and Atlantis Ocean

Teleport into the expanded world with the sandcastle in the Town area.


Tropical Pets

Time to upgrade your squad! Hello to the 12 new pets!

Including 3 new HUGE pets: Huge Tiki Dominus, Huge Pufferfish, & Huge Butterfly

We wish you luck with hatching these new pets!


Tropical Eggs

Find 3 new eggs with their golden variants in the summer world!

Underwater Egg has the chance of hatching the Huge Tiki Dominus.

There are also 2 limited time eggs!

Butterfly Egg has the chance of hatching the Huge Butterfly.

This egg is available for a limited time and will be removed after 500 HUGE hatches!

Island Event Egg has the chance of hatching the Huge Pufferfish.

This egg is a limited time egg for the part 2 event!


Wave Chest

Need more coins? Head into Atlantis Ocean to break the Giant Wave Chest!

Use your new tropical pets to break it for lots of the Popsicle Coins!


New Event Rewards

The summer event has been refreshed!

There are 50 new rewards to earn for a total of 150.

With this, the event stars and quests have been reset.

Collect all of the rewards by completing summer quests.

Sailor Egg, Pirate Egg, Surfboard Hoverboard, Summer Booth, and more.

These rewards will only be available during the summer part 2 event!


Summer Island Event

More summer fun! Introducing a new Summer Island Event.

As the server, break to reach the Event Goal.

Reaching the goal unlocks islands where eggs have increased HUGE chances.

Every 4 hours the island may be visited, starting at 12PM CDT.

Get to breaking as this is a limited time event for update part 2!


Atlantean Exclusive Pets

Under the sea! We’re swimming with ATLANTEAN pets!

Featuring the brand new TITANIC Atlantean Jellyfish!

2 new HUGE pets - HUGE Atlantean Orca and HUGE Atlantean Dolphin!

SummerPart2_12.png (11).gif


- Added the ability to automatically setup items in your booth when you log in again and claim

- Added click-to-drag on mobile for inventory and machines

- Added a daycare notification on login to the top of screen when rewards are able to be claimed

- Added the ability to drag to deposit locked pets into the bank if you are the bank owner

- Fixed summer event not starting if server restarts after it begins

- Fixed the quest where breaking pixel safes counted as vaults

- Fixed spring event pets being in the merchant

- Changed repeat button on gold & rainbow machine to not consume shiny if previously not selected

- Changed the maximum daily farm limit in the diamond mine to a lower amount

Hope your sizzlin’ summer is going well! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team