Pet Simulator X! 🐾

June 10, 2023

Summer Update! (Part 1)


Summer World

Welcome to the Summer World! It’s sizzling hot in here!

Dive into 3 new areas: Sandy Beach, Tiki Island, and Pirate Cove.

Travel to the new world through the sandcastle in the Town area.


Summer Pets

Sun, pets, and loads of fun! 14 new pets have been added!

Including 4 new HUGE pets: Huge Pineapple Cat, Huge Pirate Parrot, Huge Sailor Shark, and Huge Gamer Shiba.

Good luck hatching, and earning, these new pets!


Summer Eggs

Find 3 new eggs with their golden variants!

The final Volcano Egg has the chance of hatching the Huge Pineapple Cat!

Wondering about the other HUGES? Check the Summer Event Rewards and Secret Dog Club!


Volcano Chest

Hungry for more coins? Head into the Pirate Cove to break the Giant Volcano Chest!

Use your new summer pets to break it for lots of the Popsicle Coins!


Popsicle Currency

New currency! Popsicle Coins can be found in the Summer World!

Head into the world to get grinding!

Summer Event

The summer event introduces limited time quests!

Like normal, earn quest points depending on the difficulty of the quest.

Unlock 100 summer rewards by spending your points.

The goal is to get to the end of the rewards where the best prizes are!


Summer Event Rewards

Introducing tons of limited time rewards for the Summer Event!

Sailor Egg, Pirate Egg, Surfboard Hoverboard, Summer Booth, and more.

Collect all 100 of the rewards by completing summer quests.

Act quick, these will only last during the summer event!


Treasure Hunt Event

But wait, there’s more - the Treasure Hunt Event!

The building contains chests hiding eggs with increased HUGE chances.

You’ll need to dig these chests to find the 50x huge chance egg!

Every 4 hours the event may be entered, starting at 12PM CDT.

Limited time event for update part 1, get digging!


Secret Dog Club

The pet police got a noise complaint on the Dog Mansion!

Inside they’ve found a DOG PARTY with a chest and egg.

To step in, handover a bunch of Cartoon Coins.


Huge Gamer Shiba

Time to game with the new Huge Gamer Shiba!

This huge may be found in the new Disco Egg.


Disco Egg

Find the new Disco Egg across the DJ floor.

This egg has the new huge, and much better chances to hatch the previous Huges and Mythicals!

Good luck hatching!


Disco Chest

Need more Cartoon Coins? Get to breaking the Giant Secret Dog Chest!

You may find the chest in the new secret area.


Surfboard Hoverboard

Gnarly! Time to drop in and shred in style!

Complete the Summer Event to unlock the Surfboard Hoverboard.


Summer Booth

Summer vibe! Get a little sand on your trading booth.

Complete the Summer Event to unlock the Summer Booth.


Water Balloon Launcher

Let the water balloon fights commence!

Grab a water balloon launcher from a balloon pile in the Trading Plaza.

The launcher can be used to soak other players, or for target practice!


World Decorations

The summer sunshine is spreading!

Head to the Spawn and Trading Plaza to see the tropical theme.


Website Update

The BIG Games site has been improved!

Including a refreshed layout for the blog and a new contact page.


- Buffed the diamonds in the Free Gifts rewards

- Added #1, #2, and #3 to Hype Gift item names to better clarify them

Don't get sunburnt! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team