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October 02, 2021

Pet Simulator X - Steampunk Update

Full changelog for the 7th Pet Simulator X Update!




Personal Update:

I spent over half of the last two weeks moving to my new place so I didn't have a chance to sit down and work. 

It's pretty clear that I'm no longer following that schedule from a couple updates ago... because it's pretty unsustainable, haha. 

Life happens. Going forward, updates will just come out whenever they are ready. 

Probably biweekly. Sometimes weekly. Always on Saturdays at 11am CST.


That said - some REALLY cool things are being planned for the next few updates. Can't wait!




Steampunk Area

What comes after a dark alien-techy area? Steampunk, of course! This area also includes a side area - where you can find the new Giant Steampunk Chest!




2 New Eggs

Two new eggs have been added to the Tech Shop! The Steampunk Egg, and the Mechanical Egg. Both require the new Steampunk Area.


15 New Pets

A lot of pets were packed in this update, including the new Mythical Blimp Dragon and 3 new exclusive pets!





New Ranks

Two new ranks have been added! Definitely having to get a bit creative now, haha.


Pet Collection Tier 5

You can now achieve Pet Collection Tier 5! 

That's a total of 5 possible extra pet equip slots. It won't be easy... as of now you need to collect 650 pets which is shy of every pet in the game. 

Good luck..!


Revamped Boosts Interface

The boosts interface received some love this update. 

It's more compact, visually appealing, and even shows labels for each boost!



Friends Boost

Playing with friends? You now get a +20% coins boost for every friend in your server! 

This stacks so 4 friends will effectively double your coins output.


More Achievements

Lots of achievements were added! Some of these will definitely take a while.


15 Pets Equipped

It's back! But this time it's sticking around. After popular request, 15 pets equipped is now a permanent item in the exclusive shop! 






Legendary Pets Buff

Legendary pets are now over 10x more likely to be hatched from eggs!


Egg Opening Changes

The egg opening UX was super sloppy and received some visual changes. 

I plan to overhaul the entire animation at some point - but this should make things look better in the meantime.


Leaderboard Rounding

Numbers were getting too big on the leaderboard so they are now rounded, like everything else. 

Let me know if it's too rounded and I can change it accordingly.


Interface Scaling

Some more changes were made to interface scaling. 

Mobile players will notice the most prominent change being the size of notifications.


The Boosts Pack Changes

The Boost Pack price has been reduced from 1099 robux to 999 robux.


Fan Art Updated

Fan Art has been updated with tons of new artwork! 

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to make fan art. Y'all are awesome :)



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