Pet Simulator X - Space Update

Full changelog for the 6th Pet Simulator X Update!

This is a veeeery large update. Lots of really cool stuff was added - including tons of QOL changes as well. Also, dark matter pets!


Tech World

Launch off to space and visit the brand new Tech World! This includes a brand new currency, Tech Coins! Currently there are two areas in the Tech World: Tech City and Dark Tech. This will be expanded in future updates.

You can travel to the Tech World via the hidden entrance located in the Glacier area in the Spawn World. You can also find the (AFK) Giant Tech Chest here!

Dark Matter Pets

Dark Matter Pets have made a return from the original Pet Simulator! Dark Matter is one step above rainbow pets - making them the most coveted pets you can own because they are insanely strong. So... how do you get your hands on these pets?

Dark Matter Pets are forged using the Dark Matter Machine. You will need at least one rainbow pet. Unlike the Golden/Rainbow machine, pets take a certain amount of time to incubate and you can't lose them. The more rainbow pets you put in, the less time it takes. Only 6 pets can be incubated at a time.

1 Pet = 5 days

6 Pets = 30 minutes

(Alternatively, if you are impatient, you can incubate instantly for Robux)

4 New Eggs

Four brand new eggs have been added! The Metal Egg, Tech Egg, Titanium Egg, and Dark Tech Egg. This includes their golden variations.

22 New Pets!

Almost two dozen pets have been added! This includes 3 mythicals and 3 exclusive pets. Which one is your favorite? Can you collect them all?

Magic Eggs Gamepass

Every egg you open has a chance to hatch a golden or even a rainbow pet! Yes - that even includes Legendary and Mythical pets! You can purchase this pass in the exclusive shop for R$1,299. (price isn't final)

Triple Damage Boost

A brand new boost has been added - the Triple Damage Boost! This boost will triple the damage output of all of your pets, temporarily!

The Boost Pack

You can also, for a limited time, purchase The Boost Bundle which gives you a bulk variety of boosts, for a great price!

New Achievements

A couple of new achievements have been added, including Dress Up which rewards you with a brand new exclusive pet! I wonder how you unlock it?

More Settings

Added two new settings: Send Pets & Hide Boosts. You can now send all of your pets at once to a coin!

Pet Collection Tier 4

Tier 4 has been added to Pet Collection! Earn another free Pet Equipped slot! Dark Matter pets have also been added to Pet Collection.


Pets Refresh

All pets received a visual refresh! They appear brighter, more vibrant, and in some cases have unique lighting effects! Works on all graphic settings.

Rank Reward Changes

Rank rewards have been... way too good. Especially since it's now easier than ever to get the max rank. Some players even have 100's of boosts saved up... which wasn't intended. So I re-balanced the rewards. Sorry :(

UIStroke Implemented

Roblox finally implemented UIStroke which means the interface looks crisper and performs a LOT better. I personally experienced over a +50% performance boost. Yes, you read that right, +50% faster performance. Might've also fixed crashing. Super happy with this! Thanks Roblox :)

UI/UX Changes

Lots of UI/UX changes:

- Button animations for desktop players

- Teleport window splits up teleports by category

- Animations for high pet rarity

- Exclusive shop window gets taller based on screen resolution

- Coin health now scales to the size of the coin (like giant chests)

- Rewards and coin health rounded to help readability

- Inventory grid view now scales by resolution

- Vendor billboards (the $$$ signs) no longer hover over everything

- Rainbow animation framerate is no longer locked at 60hz

Fuse Machine Changes

The fuse machine algorithm has been changed! Specifically, pet variations (golden, rainbow) are handled significantly better. Give it a try!

Diamond Prices

It's pretty clear Diamonds weren't worth purchasing for robux. So I tripled the amount you receive for the same price.

Removed Pog Egg

The secret pog egg has now been removed :(

15 Pets Equipped Offsale

15 Pets Equipped is now offsale. Congrats to those who got it!