Pet Simulator X

December 10, 2022


Shiny Pets

Time to shine! Shiny is a new attribute for ANY pet!

These pets pack a punch with 2.5x more power than normal!

This means they are the first to have quadrillion power!

They shine in-game and in your inventory, making them standout!

How do you get Shiny Pets?

There is a rare chance that ANY pet will hatch as shiny, including Exclusives!

By using the machines, it is possible to get shiny for each: Gold, Rainbow, and Dark Matter pets

If all combined pets are shiny, the result will be too. This means if all pets are shiny, the result will be too!

There is less chance if one of the pets are not shiny, for example, half shiny results in 50% chance.

Shiny Relic

The Shiny Cat Relic will grant you with more shiny luck!

You’ll have to make a small diamond sacrifice though.

See if you can find the cave! It’s pretty hardcore.

Shiny Hunter

Just like Mythicals, a Shiny Hunter pass has been added!

Purchasing significantly increases the chances of hatching Shiny Pets, permanently!

This should help with getting full teams of Shiny Dark Matter pets!

Signed Pets

Ever met a famous YouTuber (or Preston), but your friends didn’t believe you?

Now, you can get your pets signed by any BIG Games Partners!

When a partner nicknames your pet(s) using their Roblox name, it gets signed!

All signed pets display a unique rainbow nametag in-game!

Plushie DLC

New holiday plushies are dropping this Sunday (12/11) at 1pm CST, on!

These plushies are available for $39.99 (instead of usual $49.99)

We will be rushing shipping to make sure they get to you by Christmas!

These will all include DLC codes for a matching exclusive huge pet!

Want to be notified when they drop? We added text notifications!

Keep in mind these are limited stock - once they are sold, we will not restock.

Holiday DLC

Any DLC redeemed through January 7th 2023, will get a Holiday DLC gift for FREE!

You can also get x10 bundled with the new PSX Christmas Ornaments.

Crowned Huge Pets

Certain high-spenders will find they've received exclusive Huge Crowned Pets! 

The 3 NEW Crowned Huge Pets have a unique “Super Glittering” enchantment which drops a lot of diamonds!

They also have Diamonds III, serial numbers based on the position, and owner tags!

Thank you for the support!


Balanced Hardcore Mode

Hardcore mode was balanced to feel more playable and less intense now.

There were some mathematical issues which made Hardcore Mode feel too different from the main game.

Such as lower level pets getting more currency and lower level breakables being the better to break. 
These may sound like benefits, but with break speed considered, it makes it hard to progress.

We’ll be monitoring how everyone is progressing and continue to make changes if needed.

Let us know what you think!

Added Search Bars

Everyone is excited for this grand new feature… search bars!

We’ve added search to Trading and Pet Index, for all you with massive collections.

Also, some bonus buttons:

- Added a button for showing unindexed pets on Pet Index

- Added grid size toggles on Trading and Pet Index.

- Changed button images for unclaim and style on Trading Booths.

Added Server Boost Refunds

Now, if the server shuts down and a boost isn’t active yet, the boosts are refunded back.

This means if your boost is in the queue, you can just reactivate it after the server is restarted.

No more losing server boosts!

Added Booth Price Warning

Woops! We’ve added a warning for low booth prices.

This should help in-case you ever fat finger a booth price.

Huges minimum was set to 1b and Exclusives to 100m.

You can bypass the warning if you are being a little crazy!

Reduced Cat Booth

The Cat Booth was reduced to 1,000,000,000 Diamonds to purchase.

This is for all the (semi-wealthy) noobs out there.

Added Dark Matter Banana Icon

Do these even exist? Well, they will be easier to equip now.

Nothing quite like a glowing purple banana.

Fixed Quotations

 If you know, you know…

The nickname quotations and “Click to open” text was being trimmed off on some pets while hovering them.

This has been fixed with some magic!

Fixed Invisible Pets

Fixed again, pets were still becoming invisible to the player.

We’ve tried to train the pets better and hopefully they won’t wander anymore!

Removed Lucky Blocks

 Hopefully you got lucky, because the lucky blocks are gone!

No more lucky blocks and no more black lucky block events.

It was truly great while it lasted… maybe they will have to return one day.

Thanks for checking out the update! I hope you’re yeti for the next! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team