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November 12, 2022

Pet Simulator X - Secret Cat Update

Full changelog for the Secret Cat Pet Simulator X Update!






Cat Throne Room

The cats have been hiding a secret! We've found their secret Cat Throne room!

The exact location is unknown, but some say they hid the door where you would least expect it!



Royal Egg

Inside the throne room, there is the new Royal Egg!

This egg has 2 FREE huge pets in it, including the new Huge Green Balloon Cat

Good luck hatching!



Giant Throne Chest

This chest is shiny with a lot of health for it's size! It will take a very long time to break!

If you're up for the challenge, the chest is found well protected in the throne room.



Neon Twilight Exclusives

New Exclusive Egg is available! 6 new exclusive pets, including 2 huge exclusive pets!

For this exclusive egg, the prices and odds have been slashed to 50%.

Also, we added an option to buy x10 Exclusive Eggs at once (for the price of x8)!



Trading Chat

Trading chat has been added to make trading easier!

When you are trading, you may now chat with the other player.

This chat that is ONLY between you and them!



Pet Locking

To help fight scams and accidents, locking pets has been added.

You may now protect pets that you care VERY DEEPLY about.

Locked pets cannot be deleted, traded, withdrawn by another player (bank), fused, converted, etc.

You can always unlock pets at any time!

We plan to expand this system in the future to further prevent scams, especially to players that are more prone to them.



2x Hardcore Pet Equips

Hardcore Mode just got a lot more fun!

You may now equip DOUBLE the pets in Hardcore Mode. 

This means, currently, you can have up to 42 pets equipped with all gamepasses and pet index perks. 

Also, now when you switch between normal and Hardcore Mode, your pet equips will also switch

This should make it super easy to switch between the modes! Let us know what you think!



Diamonds Leaderboard

GOT DIAMONDS? Check the Roblox leaderboard where Diamonds are displayed now.

Hopefully this helps makes trading that much easier.






Diamond Limit Increased

The personal balance limit for Diamonds has been increased from 25b to 100b. 

This is for all you rich cats out there 😉


Re-Balanced Cat World

The cat world was a bit too tough! The Cat Eggs prices were reduced some, and the coin drop was increased. 

Hopefully this feels a bit easier! Let us know what you think.


Hardcore Pets Buffed

Hardcore Pets were given about a 1.5x buff in the normal world.

They felt a little too weak for the amount of time it takes to get them.


Hoverboard Improvements

Hoverboards just got an upgrade! The board goes up angles better, and jumping was given a little boost. 

No more getting caught around stairs!


More Dark Matter Slots for VIP 

Now players with the VIP gamepass have an extra 2 slots to use in the Dark Matter machine! 

Time to take care of all those Octuply-hatched Rainbow pets!


Improved Console Support

We're working to fully support console. This week, we were able to add about half of the total features and fixes.   
The 1st major fix is that all menus now work (trade, achievements, mastery, etc.) by using LB and RB to navigate while in the pet inventory.   
The 2nd major fix is that all menus with buttons now have hotkeys for those (such as Gold, Rainbow, Fuse, Enchant, and Dark Matter machines).   
Some other fixes: LT & RT can now attack, hot swapping controls works now, trade can no longer be exited, and the selector was improved.   
We intend to finish all bug fixes next week with some performance improvements.


Trade Exploit Patched

Some players figured out how to swap items too quickly in trades before they were completed. 

We took action on these players, and this exploit has been patched.


Anti-Script Added

We implemented changes to our networking code which should make hacking/scripting significantly harder. 

At the current moment, all hacks have been crippled. This is something we intend to keep monitoring.


Fixed Huge Scary Corgi & Cat

Icons have been changed to show their wings and teeth easier in trades!


Fixed Loot Bag Glitch

There was an issue with loot bags sometimes granting too many coins after switching from Hardcore mode. 

We were alerted by a YouTuber and patched this ASAP! Sorry if you missed out!


Announcements Reduced

Pet hatch announcements were popping off a bit too hard with Octuple Eggs. 

They are now hidden if the pet is Auto Deleted! If you don't care about them, we don't either.


Huge Blue Balloon Popped

The Huge Blue Balloon has flown from the shop! If you were able to get your hands on one, congrats! 

Otherwise, it is now too late! You'll have to find one on the trading realm, good luck.




Enjoy the update & see you next week! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team


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