Pet Simulator X

April 22, 2023

Quests Update!


5 New Huge Pets

What’s better than regular pets? HUGE PETS!

Welcoming 5 new HUGE pets into the game!

Hatch them with the new Huge Machine Egg and Quest Egg!


It's time to conquer quests found in every area of the game!

Earn quest points depending on the difficulty of the quest.

Spend your points in the quest shop which may be opened from the signs.

There’s something for everyone to complete!

Quest Shop

What are you waiting for?! Get shopping!

Shop with your quest points in the Quests Shop!

Featuring new and unique items only obtainable through questing.

The first series of items are themed after the new M-10 PROTOTYPE pet.

Get the pet, hoverboard, and trading booth before they're gone!

Also, if you have points to spare, consider boosters or diamonds.

Share your shop ideas with us!

Quest Egg

Trying to spend those extra quest points?

Try your luck with the new Quests Egg!

This egg has the new Event M-10 PROTOTYPE Pet, and Huge M-10 PROTOTYPE.

Huge Machine Egg

Introducing the new machine egg with 4 new HUGE pets!

The best pet in this egg is the HUGE KRAKEN!

The hardest hatch chances for this egg have been buffed. Hooray!

Diamond Mine Mastery

Time for some new masteries!

The Diamond Mine Mastery is a good way to enhance the mine!

This mastery increases diamond drop amounts and pet damage in the Diamond Mine.

You can level up the mastery by breaking diamonds within the mine.

Daycare Mastery

And, another mastery! The Daycare Mastery.

The Daycare Mastery is perfect for all you daycare addicts!

This mastery increases drops for coins, boosters, diamonds, and huges in Daycare.

You’re able to level it by enrolling pets into the Daycare.

Fruit Boosters

Fruit is back and it’s here to stay forever!

Breaking fruit grants boosters which stack with more fruit broken.

The boosters are more balanced than before, so we’re able to keep them in.

XP Boost was added in replacement for Speed. Also, the new fruit cap is 200x fruit per type.

Thanks for all the fruity feedback!


Buffed Diamond Mine

The Diamond Mine has been super charged with many buffs!
- Buffed Paradise Cave diamonds by 2x
- Buffed Cyber Cavern diamonds by 3.5x
- Buffed Mystic Mine diamonds by 7x
- Buffed Diamond Bag Master from 2% to 4%

With these, a few changes were needed:
- Moved AFK chests into their own area
- Increased spawn time by around 4x
- Increased chest respawn from 5 min to 10 min
- Nerfed loot bags a bit to counter for the new increased rates

And, of course, bug fixes:
- Fixed Diamond Bag Luck as it wasn’t working sometimes
- Fixed how diamond bags were spawning in a group of 3 or not at all

Improved Trade Security

Watch out scammers! We’ve added new security measures to trading.

Now a player’s display name & player icon shows on the trade title!

Nerfed Hardcore Requirement

We’ve made the hardcore requirement easier!

Now you only need 350 Mastery points to unlock Hardcore Mode.

HD Titanic Textures

The in-game titanic textures are now more high quality!

Before they were a bit crusty and low quality looking. Can ya see it?

Tech Entrance Cannon

A cannon has been added at the end of the Fantasy portals to go to the Tech Entrance.

Before the Tech Entrance was a bit confusing to new players as you have to go back to the Spawn world.

Other Fixes

- Lowered the Legendary/Mythical open SFX

- Made auction bar change between green, yellow, and red as it counts down

Does this mean Pet Simulator X is now a MMORPG?! What’s next?! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team