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December 31, 2022

Pet Simulator X - New Year's 2023 Update!

Added Party Crown Pets, New Year's Party, Achievement, Firework Cannon, 2x Event, and Exclusive Egg!



New Year's 2023 Update!


Hope everyone had a great Christmas! New pets and a new fun things to check out this update!

Happy New Year! Big things happening on Pet Simulator X in 2023!






Party Crown Pets

New year means new pets!

Say hello to the Party Crown Ducky, Corgi, and Elephant!

Don't forget, the life of the party, the new HUGE Party Crown Ducky!

These can all be found in the New Year's 2023 Gift.



New Year's Decorations

The Trading Plaza has had a major makeover!

Welcome to the Trading Plaza City! Booming with nightlife and neon lights.

These decorations are only temporary for the event! Make sure to check it out in-game!




New Year's Party

The New Year's ball egg is dropping in Pet Simulator X!

During the drop, everyone online in the plaza will receive a FREE New Year's 2023 Gift!

Keep your eyes peeled because this event will happen only 4 times!

12pm, 4pm, 8pm, and 11pm CST

Check out the in-game countdown for the next drop!

No spoilers! Expect an awesome firework show, lots of dancing, fun party hats, and a giant Preston!




New Achievement

Get the New Year's 2023 achievement by being at the ball drop event!

This will only be granted while this event is live!



Firework Cannon

The snowball cannon has been discontinued in favor of the new firework cannon!

Grab from a crate and launch as many fireworks as you want! Don't point them at your friends though!



2x Luck & Coin Event

For the new few days, there will be a 2x Luck and Coin event! Happy hatching and enjoy!



New Exclusive Titanic Egg

Presenting the newest TITANIC! Titanic Balloon Monkey!

This egg also features 2 HUGES! And the Balloon Dragon, Corgi, and Axolotl!

These pets are animated and flying! This makes the Titanic extra fun to ride!







Added Exists on Exclusives

For any off-sale pets, the existing amount will now show. This is for all you trading gurus!


Nerfed Void Quest

Nerfed again! The Void Quest is even easier now! You only have to break 3 chests instead of 10. The bacon heads really rejoice!


Moved Dismount Button

The dismount button was hiding on some screen sizes, like mobile. This has been fixed!


Added Missing Icons

Some pets had missing icons! We added icons for: Golden Huge Storm Agony, Pony, Super Corgi, and Rainbow Unicorn!

Hopefully this should be all of the missing icons now, if not, let us know!


Patched Invisible Pets

Try #3? We finally fixed invisible pets... hopefully! Sometimes pets were there, but not visible.

This also includes some slight rewrites of pet movement.


Fixed Booth Brightness

Lights, camera, and action! Fixed booth's display brightness and odd colors.


Fixed Hoverboards

The Steampunk and Rainbow hoverboard looked a bit strange when viewed by another player. All is well now!


Fixed Screen Blur

Did ya' notice? Sometimes the screen wasn't blurring when opening Exclusive Eggs. Fixed!


Rename Menu

Some partners with really long names had messy rename popups!

Now, the rename popup supports long names!


Regarding Mailbox

There are still outstanding issues for the mailbox, so it remains disabled. Sorry for the inconvenience!

As we become less busy with the holidays, we intend to fix everything with it.




We hope you have a fantastic 2023 New Year! Hope all your pet-hatching dreams come true this year! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team



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