Pet Simulator X

March 05, 2022

** Heads Up! **

The brand new Dog and Dragon plushies are dropping on Tuesday (3/15) @ 11am CST

Each plush comes with an exclusive code for a matching Huge Pet in-game!


The cat plushies sold out instantly, so don't miss out! You can find them here.



Introducing: Mastery! Level up individual skills and earn FREE permanent perks! 

Currently, there are 15 mastery skills in the game - more planned to be added soon!


BTW: If you max out ALL skills you get a special reward ;)

Free Gifts

Who doesn't love free things? Just by playing you can now unlock & open FREE gifts! 

These gifts can contain tons of coins, diamonds, boosts, and even the chance to get a HUGE PET!


Opened every gift? No worries, gifts will refresh in ~12 hours so you can open them again - for free!

Bank History

We all have that one dishonest and annoying friend that steals pets and diamonds from your bank without telling you because they will "give it back later". 

Starting about 2 weeks ago - banks have been logging every action with a username and timestamp. This activity is now visible under the history menu!


Make sure to never add anyone you don't trust to your bank!

Exclusive Egg

The Exclusive Egg has been refreshed with new Limited Time pets, including the Huge Lucky Cat! Get it while you can!


Steampunk Hoverboard

Unlock the new Steampunk Hoverboard by reaching Lvl 99 Collection Mastery!


2 New Ranks

Two new ranks have been added with even better rewards!

Pet Collection Tier 6

I added another tier to the Pet Collection because some of y'all are crazy and collected basically every pet in the game. 

If so, congrats! I'll add more rewards for pet collecting soon.

Bank Uplift

The bank interface received an uplift! Everything is much cleaner and easier to understand now.



Fan Art

New fan art has been added to the game! Featured artists also now have a chat tag! 

If you want to submit fan art, join our Discord. Thanks for the support! <3

Less Bank/Inventory Lag

I implemented some big performance changes to the inventory + bank. Pets now have animation culling and cleanup properly. 

I personally saw a performance increase of over +50%.


I polished up the interface a little bit more. Most notably, scrollbars are moved to the very edge to allow more content space and match the inventory. 

I also added a bunch of new SFX!

Hacker Portal Quests

I adjusted the final hacker portal quest - you no longer need to wait for the Dark Matter pets to finish converting! Simply start the conversion to progress the quest.

Dark Matter Machine

I changed the Dark Matter Machine diamond prices to reflect the recent balancing changes.

Unequip All

I fixed the Unequip All bug! Not very notable, but I know a lot of people were frustrated by this.

Robux --> Diamonds

You now get 4x more diamonds when purchasing for Robux! This should better reflect the recent balancing changes.


I polished up the fireworks and critical animations!

Cat Hoverboard