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November 26, 2022

Pet Simulator X - Lucky Block Update

Added Lucky Blocks, Trading Booths, Auto Enchant, & more!






Lucky Blocks

Feeling lucky? For a limited time, lucky blocks are spawning everywhere!

Find one, break it, and cross your fingers! Lucky blocks drop all kinds of rewards!

Pets, boosters, diamonds, coins, and the NEW Lucky Egg.



Lucky Egg

For every Lucky Block you break, there is a chance it might contain a Lucky Egg!

The Lucky Egg hatches the Lucki pet, and sometimes a Huge Lucki pet!



Lucki Pets

If it is your lucky day, you’ll end up scoring one of the new Lucki pets!

Lucki is now the best pet in the game!



Trading Booths

Time for business!

The new trading booths allow you to list your pets for sale!

You may list up to 8 at one time, or 12 if you are VIP.

Simply claim your booth, pick your prices, and wait for those sales!



Exclusive Booths

If you’re trying to attract new customers, an exclusive booth may be up your alley!

These booths range from cute cats to electrifying lightning.

Check them out in the new booth shop!

There are FREE booths for VIP players, Merchandise owners, and one as a Hardcore reward!



Auto Enchant

Trying to get a specific enchantment?

With auto enchant, you may select one or multiple enchantments that you are looking for.

Pets will keep enchanting until they reach the desired enchantment!



Black Friday Weekend

Get 25 Exclusive Eggs for the price of 11!

This is almost 60% savings! Stock up while you can!



Killing Lag

We've set a goal to make Pet Simulator X blazingly fast and smooth as butter.

This will take a few updates, but we’ve made very solid improvements so far!

Biggest performance gainz:

  • Orbs (80%+)
  • Breaking coins (80%+)
  • Equipping pets (100%+)
  • Opening eggs (20%+)
  • Inventory culling (30%+)
  • Closing machines + bank

Noticing lots of lag somewhere? Help us out and let us know on our Discord!







Trading Avatars

More trading quality of life improvements!

Now you’re able to see the faces of player’s you’re trying to trade!

It’s always nice to put a face with a name.



Buffed Boost Bundle

With server boosts, the goal was to reduce the amount of boosts everyone has.

Seems like this worked so well that no one has any boosts now!

The boost bundle has been increased greatly!

It now grants 1,000 total boosts for the same price! That’s a deal.



Max Diamonds

Max Diamonds has been 10x'd for both personal storage and banks!





Wish you luck! Hope you all enjoy the new update and improvements! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team


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