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February 04, 2023

Pet Simulator X - Huge Machine Update!

Time for a new machine! Checkout this update with 7 new HUGE pets!



Huge Machine Update!





Huge Machine

Too many exclusives with no use for them? Introducing the Huge Machine!

Convert your extra premium exclusives into a new Huge Machine egg.

Each pet is worth 1-6 points. The more pets you add, the less Robux the machine costs.

Only premium exclusives are able to be converted, not event gift and free pets.




+ Companion I is worth 1 point

+ Companion II is worth 2 points

+ Companion III is worth 3 points

+ Other exclusives are worth 3-5 points



+ Gold pets add 1 point

+ Rainbow pets add 2 points

+ Shiny pets add 3 points



+ For 100 points, the cost is FREE!

+ For 75 points, the cost is 300 Robux

+ For 50 points, the cost is 800 Robux



Unlock the machine for 10 million diamonds! Located at the spawn and the trading plaza.

Please note that points and prices are subject to change!



5 New Huges

HUGE EGG?! An entire egg just for huges!

Earned by using the Huge Machine egg!



New Huge in Free Gift

The HUGE in the Free Gifts has been refreshed!

Welcome to the new Huge Peacock!



New Hype Gift

HYPE! A new Hype Gift is here!

The new Huge Axolotl is bringing the party to Pet Simulator!

Can’t forget the Party Axolotl, Party Tiger, and Party Panda who have also arrived!




Inventory Icons

Oh, shiny! Check out the new inventory stars!

Enjoy this little touch up from the previous stars!



2x Luck & Coin Event

For the weekend, there will be a 2x Luck and Coin event! Happy hatching!






Bug Fixes

As always, a nice list of bug fixes!

+ Fixed booth not showing as claimed when it was

+ Fixed mailbox not showing up on trading plaza

+ Fixed merchant spawning underground on trading plaza

+ Fixed pets to not stay on chest after world switching

+ Added mailbox next to every bank in each world

+ Removed bank reject all button if there are no invites to reject

+ Removed “Pet Database” setting which was hiding pet exists count



Cheers! See you next update! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team



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