Pet Simulator X

August 29, 2021



Pet Collection

The Pet Collection Machine keeps track of every pet that you have ever owned, starting from this update. 

Conveniently, you can also view every pet in the game including all of the pets that you haven't collected - including all their variations.


Here's the best part - as you fill up your collection, you can earn FREE Pet Equipped slots! 

As of now, you can earn up to +3 Pets Equipped, permanently!


You can find the Pet Collection Machine in both worlds. Have fun collecting! :)


Heaven Island

Walk on the clouds! Includes a second new area, Heaven's Gate, where you can find the massive Grand Heaven Chest! 

Are your pets strong enough to break it..?


13 New Pets

These are some of the coolest pets added so far. Especially the empyrean pets! As always, a new Mythical pet has been added too. 

This includes 3 new Exclusive Pets.


15 Pets Equipped Has Returned

Been getting some messages from people inquiring about the 15 Pets Equipped pass. Lots of messages. 

So, as per popular demand, it has been added back to the Exclusive Shop for a Limited Time

The price has also increased from 1,399 robux to 1,799 robux to make it fair for the original buyers. 

Again, this is Limited Time, so if you want it - get it now!


Mythical Hunter Pass

This pass significantly increases the odds of hatching a Mythical pet! 

It's pricey for a reason!





Significant Balancing Changes

I took a look at balancing after some discussion and decided I needed to make some pretty big changes. Specifically:

- Buffed area multipliers in the Fantasy World by a lot

- Slashed prices for the portals

- Lowered prices of some eggs

- Buffed chances of hatching Mythicals

- Adjusted the gap between coins and giant area chests in the Fantasy World

Basically, things got cheaper and coins are easier to get. Let me know if it feels better!


Exclusive Vanity Appearance

Updated the appearance for Exclusive pets because they shared the same appearance as Legendary pets. It's purple now!


World Load Animation

Added a cute little animation when you load into a world. Yay!


Interface Changes

Lots of other miscellaneous interface changes. Most notably big numbers are cleaner in the inventory, prices, etc.




- Fixed memory leak caused by UIStroke on pets

- Helped performance by adding culling to petUI effects

- Fixed pet particles being positioned incorrectly during the egg hatching animation

- Patched some saving exploits

- Fixed gates just.. breaking..?

- Moving sound no longer plays for flying pets

- ACTUALLY disabled MagicText. lol oops