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Pet Simulator X

July 29, 2022


Hardcore Mode

Ready for a challenge?

If you have the Void world unlocked and at least 25% of your Mastery completed, you can enter Hardcore Mode!


Don't worry, you aren't giving away your pets (or soul) by entering Hardcore Mode. In fact, you can leave at any moment!

Progress in Hardcore is totally separate. Meaning - the coins and areas unlocked here don't reflect back over.

All pets you hatch in Hardcore are now HC pets (can you guess what this stands for)

HC pets are the same pets… but a trillion times stronger. 10^13 stronger, to be exact.


Machines in Hardcore also require much more pets and cost a LOT more. Hope you saved up your Diamonds!

Anniversary Gift

Happy PSX anniversary! Crazy to think this game has already been out for 1 year.

To celebrate the occasion, every player above the Pro rank will receive a free gift!

If you get lucky you might even score yourself an exclusive huge pet!

(ends July 30th)


Thanks for playing! <3

Secret Areas

These locks seem pretty hard to break…



2 new hoverboards have been added - High Tech hoverboard and Purple hoverboard!

Both are found in Hardcore Mode!


Capybara Egg

The new exclusive egg is now available for purchase! Check out all the capybaras :D


Added (Earlier)

In-between last update and this update, I quietly pushed out a bunch of new features!

Most of these new things are related to the new PSX toy merch

Inventory Gifts

There are now eggs that you can store in your inventory! These are called ‘Gifts’.


Gifts can be stored in the bank, opened, and even traded to other players!

This has been in the game for over a month already! Have you seen one yet?

IRL Toys

We just launched the Pet Simulator X toy line!

We've been working on these for a long time. I'm super excited about them!


Toys come with redeemable codes* which can be used in PSX and future games!

We have lots of these toys coming out so keep your eyes open!

To keep up to date and see where you can grab them, visit

Companion Enchant

New exclusive pets now have a Companion Enchantment!

Works very similar to the Best Friend enchant, albeit at a smaller scale.



Pet Outlines

Outlines have been added to pets! This is experimental.

(Sorry mobile players, but this isn't supported for you yet)

Hidden Achievements

Achievements that are no longer possible to get (such as events) are now greyed out.

Best Friend Enchant

The Best Friend enchant is now affected by the pet type! (rainbow, golden, etc)

Daily Rewards

Daily rewards have been re-balanced. Specifically the coin rewards.

New Music

A new music track has been added!

Frozen Timers

Frozen timers have been in the game for quite some time now.

Finally fixed! Yay!

Egg Lag

Opening lots of eggs (auto hatch) no longer brings your game to a crawl!