Pet Simulator X! 🐾

November 02, 2021

This update was supposed to drop on Saturday (the 30th)... and Roblox had an unexpected 3 day outage. I wasn't even able to work on the game. So, yeah.. that happened. Either way, the 2nd part of the Halloween Update is here!

The Halloween Event will be prolonged until the 13th.




Double Candy

Candy has been doubled for the remainder of the event! Enjoy!

Spooky Upgrades

Spend all of your extra Candy on limited time event upgrades including Mythical Pets Chance, Better Re-Enchants, and even More Candy! These upgrades (excluding the More Candy upgrade) will prolong even after the event - so make sure you grab as many upgrades as you can before the 13th!


Mystery Merchant

Every midnight and midday (12:00am/12:00pm CST time) the Mystery Merchant will appear temporarily in all servers! This merchant will sell pets at an 80% discount! You can find it in the cave (Spawn World) and Trading Plaza.



Huge Pumpkin Cat

Since lots of players already have dark matter mythicals I thought i'd add a Huge Pumpkin Cat to the Cursed Egg! It's extremely hard to get and will never be obtainable again after this event. Good luck!


Giant Present Event

The Giant Present will now randomly spawn around the game every 20-30 minutes (similar to the Giant Pumpkin). All players will be notified when it spawns. Catch one for some free Diamonds!




Reward Overhaul

The backend coin breaking / reward code has been completely overhauled. What this means for you:

Pet Enchantments now work for all coin rewards (this is big)

Upgrades now apply to all coin rewards

More coins end-game

Diamonds are dispersed more accurately

Much more satisfying

Significantly better for performance

Some players will be earning as much as 10x more coins/diamonds then before. Let me know what you think!


Cursed Egg Buff

I woke up this morning and felt pretty good so I decided to re-buff the Cursed Egg. You're welcome!

Cannon Animation

Your character no longer does a pancake out of cannons.


Interface Improvements

Lots of UI has been improved. Mobile players will definitely notice the pet drop-down being easier to read as it no longer clips off the screen! Other misc changes include the upgrades interface, gate text/icons, & more.


Chest Memory Leak

I think I finally fixed that one really large memory leak with farming chests. Let me know if it still happens.


Cheaper Traveling Merchant

The Traveling Merchant prices have been adjusted again. Pets are 50% cheaper now! I'll be tweaking it as time goes on.


Dark Matter Animation

Dark Matter pets now have a world animation!


Coin Break Animation

The coin breaking animation has been adjusted to fit the size of coins & large chests. Definitely want to make this look a little bit cooler for huge chests. This works for now.


Pet Collection Unobtainable Pets

Certain pets shouldn't be visible from the Pet Collection because they are unobtainable. They are now hidden.