Pet Simulator X - Halloween Update

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Full changelog for the 9th Pet Simulator X Update!


Halloween Event

It's time to get spoOoOoKy... hop in a cannon to the new limited time Halloween Event world! Anyone can access this world - there is no cost or level requirement!


TRICK-or-TREAT! Candy has been added as a limited time currency! You can get candy from all types of coins just by playing normally, for free!

New Eggs

Three new eggs are available for a limited time! The pumpkin egg, eerie egg, and the cursed egg (and all of their golden variations except the cursed egg). You will need a hefty amount of candy to hatch these eggs.

New Pets

13 new pets including a new mythical were added! Can you hatch them all?

Giant Pumpkins

Giant Pumpkins will randomly spawn around each world every 10-15 minutes! Crack one open for a ton of candy!

Halloween Makeover

Both the Trading Plaza and the Spawn World have been given a spooky makeover! Can you find every Jack O'Lantern?

Trading Plaza Overhaul

I remade the trading plaza from the ground up because it was too large. I think it's a lot cozier now. Let me know what you think! Definitely going to be adding more to this soon.

(By the way: the Giant Diamond Present will be added back... soon. It unfortunately requires a pretty big system rewrite to support 30+ players without performance issues.)


Adjusted Currency Interface

Currency interface took up a lot of space so I shrank it a bit. Should help especially with having a new currency.

Exclusive Shop

I made some changes to the exclusive shop. Biggest thing you'll notice is the 15 pets equipped has been rebranded to show what will actually happen if you buy it. I think some players were confused.

Adjusted Music Volume

Some music tracks were very quiet. Now they are super loud. Just kidding.