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Pet Simulator X

January 22, 2022

This update was so good it took down Roblox


Glitched Pets

Seven brand new Glitched Pets have been added! These pets have some of the coolest designs so far, in my opinion. Look how sick they are!


Hacked Pets

Five new hacker themed pets are ready to be hatched including the Huge Hacked Cat!


2 New Eggs

Two brand new eggs (including their golden variations) have been added!


Glitch Area


Hacker Portal Area


Secret Door?

Huh..? Secret door? What??


Featured Pets Egg

Trying something different this update. The Exclusive Pets Egg contains 3 new exclusive pets, at 800 robux per egg! 

I also threw in a Huge Pet just for fun. Like always, these pets won't be sticking around - so get them while you can!


Tier 8 Bank

You can now store up to 1 trillion diamonds and 3,000+ pets with a Tier 8 Bank! The price is hefty, though.


Better Egg Opening

Egg opening has always looked very dull and illegible. I took some time at fixing the latter. Pet info is now rendered in 3d and looks much cleaner & easier to read! 

I made some other minor changes, too. Let me know what you think. This is just the start of what will hopefully be a much better hatching experience.

Tech World Uplift

The Tech World has received a fresh coat of paint! Notably the skybox - which looks absolutely gorgeous.

Merch Pets Backend

Merch Pets (plushy pets) no longer read from a database. Pet ownership info will now appear instantly.


Enjoy the update! :D