Pet Simulator X - Fantasy Update II

Full changelog for the 2nd Update in Pet Simulator X!


Candy Island + Haunted Island

Two brand new areas have been added to the Fantasy World! Both can be accessed using the portals.

15 New Pets

Over a dozen new pets have been added including a cupcake, unicorn, skeleton, and a few pets based on the original Pet Simulator! This includes 3 new Exclusive Pets

2 New Eggs

The Rainbow Egg, Haunted Egg, and their gold variations have been added to the Fantasy World!

Mythical Rarity

Mythical was added because apparently Legendary wasn't rare enough. Mythical pets are the only pets in the game with three enchantments including one guaranteed Unique enchantment. As of now, there is only 1 mythical pet. More to be added soon!

Buying Teleports

One complaint I've been hearing a lot of is that "walking is annoying" or "pet simulator X is a walking simulator". Yes, apparently some players were hiking across the map to buy 4 eggs. Specifically F2P players. So starting now, you can purchase individual teleports for Diamonds! Once purchased, you can teleport there at any time, instantly. Teleport pass owners will continue to unlock teleports automatically, for free. The teleport pass has also been increased from 50 robux to 200 robux.

Auto Delete

Cleaning up your inventory can be tedious after opening lots of eggs, so I added the option to automatically delete pets from egg hatching. You can access this via. the newly added Auto-Settings side menu. This is just the start of AFK tools which will be expanded upon in the next few updates.


Inventory Super Equip

You can now equip the best pets in your inventory at a click of a button. Woo-hoo!

Fan Art

Fan art has been added to the Spawn world! Join our Discord to submit your fan-art for a chance to have it appear in-game for everyone to admire! Thanks to everyone who submitted.

Hatching Changes

Rare pets will now be shown in the front during egg hatching animations.

15 Pets Equipped Offsale

15 Pets Equipped is now offsale. Congrats to those who got it!

Fantasy World Balancing

In some cases, coins rewards in the fantasy world have been doubled. Should feel a lot better now!


- Fixed lag caused by the Enchanting/Fuse menus not clearing

- High level pets don't hover behind you anymore

- Fixed coin operations freezing upon players joining

- World animations have culling now which should significantly help performance for some users

- You can no longer fuse exclusive pets... why were you guys doing this

- Saving fixes

- Duping patches

- A lot more

- Nobody reads fixes anyway lol