Pet Simulator X - Fantasy Update

Here's the full changelog for the Fantasy Update in Pet Simulator X!


24 New Pets

Lots of new cuddly friends have been added to the game waiting to be added to your collection! This includes 3 new Exclusive Pets and 1 achievement pet.

Fantasy World

Travel to the fantasy world and discover new areas, eggs, pets, & more! Areas are split into several floating islands and can be traveled to via portals! A lot more to be added here over next week, so stay tuned. As of now, there are 3 new areas and 3 new eggs.

Enchanting Circle

Enchant your pet(s)... at a cost! You can access the enchanting circle in the Fantasy World. Currently, it costs 10,000 diamonds per use. Bear in mind that existing enchantments will be overwritten.

New Enchantments

- Fantasy Coins: Pet earns more Fantasy Coins

- [UNIQUE] Glittering: Pet randomly spawns diamonds

- [UNIQUE] Magnet: Pet can collect orbs for you

- [UNIQUE] Royalty: Pet does +100% damage, earns +100% more Diamonds, and moves +50% faster

(Unique enchantments are super rare!)

15 Pets Equipped Pass

Equip up to 15 pets at once! You must have the 8 pets equipped pass first before purchasing. (Available in the Exclusive Shop for a limited time only!)

More Achievements

New achievements have been added! For the completionists.

New Max Rank

Max rank is now "Impossible" because apparently godlike wasn't hard enough lol.


Inventory Updates

It's now a lot easier to see pets that were recently added to your inventory.

New Settings

Added Pet Database and Egg Skip settings.

Global Leaderboard Scrolling

You can now scroll to see the top 100 players instead of the top 10! You are welcome!

Twitter Code Safeguards

Lots of players were creating alt accounts to redeem Twitter Codes more than once. I know it was fun.. but it wasn't intended. You now must be at least Basic rank to redeem Twitter Codes.

Exclusive Pets Tradeable

The original Exclusive Pets are now tradeable! This trend will continue for any Exclusive Pets that go offsale.

Currency Cap

The currency cap has been raised from 99bn to 999bn.


- Egg Skip is fixed on Console. Sorry about that!

- Disabled Player-to-Player collisions.

- You can no longer send trades to players with already pending trade invites

- Adjusted distance from pets to coins while farming

- Fixing the trading window going to the moon if a server was empty

- Players should pop up on the trading list properly now

- World prompts no longer pop up if you have inventory open

- Fixed local leaderboard displaying the same player(s) more than once

- Fixed boost timers freezing

- Fixed pet nicknames being cut off

- You must now wait a minute before trading after joining. This is a safeguard to prevent exploits.

- Fixed trade window visual glitches

- Fixed server->client desync

- Patched trading exploits >:(

- Fixed orb despawn time

- Pets now teleport with you instead of flying from across the map

- Eggs no longer face the opposite direction during hatching animations