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Pet Simulator X

April 17, 2022


Easter Egg Hunt

For a limited time, Easter Eggs can be found scattered randomly around the map!

Break an egg and you will be rewarded with a random Easter themed pet! There are four different Easter Eggs, each containing better pets than the last. 

Be on the look out for the Legendary Easter Egg, which contains the best Easter pets and even a chance for a Huge Easter Cat!


Happy hunting!

17 New Easter Pets

We accidentally made too many Easter pets. But look how cute they are!

Once this event ends, these pets will no longer be attainable. Don't miss out!


Exclusive Egg Refresh

The Exclusive Egg has been refreshed with 3 new exclusive pets, including 2 huge exclusive pets! 

As always, these pets are limited time only and won't return!



Better Search

You can now search for pet nicknames and rarity! For example, try searching 'Exclusive'.

Huge Pet Sorting

Huge Pets are now always sorted at the top!

Trade Invites

You will no longer receive trade invites while using the Bank.

Bank Lag

Bank lag has been reduced pretty significantly!


Happy Easter! :D