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January 28, 2023

Pet Simulator X - Doodle World Update! (Part 2)

The Doodle world has expanded! Enjoy the new areas, pets, eggs, & giant chest!



Doodle World Update! (Part 2)





Doodle World Part 2

Hopefully you have some blank pages! It’s time to expand your doodle pet collection!

Progress through the Doodle Woodlands, Doodle Safari, Doodle Fairyland, and Doodle Cave!

You’ll need to unlock the Doodle Oasis first! Get started by using the Doodle portal in Limbo!

Check out the animations & particles in-game for these areas!



Doodle Pets

Scribble, scribble! We’ve drawn 20 Doodle Pets!

Introducing the newest hatchable Huge Doodle Fairy!

Keep within the lines and good luck hatching!



Doodle Eggs

All the Doodle Eggs are now available at the shop!

Added 4 brand new eggs with their respective golden variants!

The new huge pet can be found in the final egg!



Giant Doodle Cave Chest

Shining & shimmering crystals! Unlock the Doodle Cave to gain access to the Giant Doodle Cave Chest!

You’ll need some strong pets to crack this chest open to earn lots of Cartoon Currency!



Titanic Plushies

Titanic Plushies are coming to the Big Games shop!

Each comes with a matching TITANIC in-game.

More news on the plush drop soon!

🔔 Get notified at https://shop.biggames.io/pages/subscribe






Removed NFT Connection

We extend our sincerest appreciation for the support of our NFT project.

We have made the difficult decision to retire the project.

The following changes have been made in order to make a smooth transition:

+ The Huge Pegasus has been permanently given to the current linked account.

+ The Huge Pegasus is now tradable with no NFT link or information.

+ We have refunded the cryptocurrency of the current owner.

We offer our apologies for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!



Optimization Fixes

Lots of performance and lag optimization fixes!

The goal is to make the game run efficiently so Roblox stops crashing every update 😅

+ Optimized CPU & memory leak with coins to fix lag on Hardcore and Normal mode

+ Optimized auto-save interval to be longer which will reduce datastore load and random disconnects

+ Optimized pet farming on the server which will decrease server lag

+ Optimized pet UI on the client which will decrease client lag

+ Optimized saving across the server and client significantly

+ Optimized worlds to prevent server lag from occurring when teleporting


Bug Fixes

A few bug fixes this week! Nothing too crazy.

+ Added a “Reject All” button at the bottom of bank invites

+ Changed the Free Gift button to hide while opening exclusives

+ Changed the pet search to hide while trades are sending

+ Fixed Exclusives showing up as default background style in mailbox

+ Fixed Hacker Gate feedback message only saying “Error”

+ Fixed order of rarities on Auto Settings



Enjoy the update day & take care! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team



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