Pet Simulator X

January 14, 2023

Doodle World Update!


Doodle World

Grab your crayons! Welcome to the Doodle World!

Scribble through Doodle Meadow, Doodle Peaks, Doodle Farm, and Doodle Oasis!

Travel to the Doodle World if you have the Cat Kingdom unlocked.

Paper thin doodles! All hand drawn! Ooh aah!

Doodle Pets

Introducing 25 Doodle Pets!

Including the latest hatchable Huge Doodle Cat!

Good luck hatching these colorful pets!

Doodle Eggs

New pets must mean new eggs!

Checkout the 4 new eggs with their golden variants!

The final egg contains the new huge pet!

Giant Doodle Chest

Running out of ink? Get to the Doodle Oasis where the Giant Doodle Chest can be found!

Use your new Doodle pets to break it for tons of the new Cartoon Currency!

Limbo World

Use the Limbo portal in The Void to travel to the Doodle World!

Cartoon Currency

New currency! Cartoon Currency can be found in all upcoming Limbo worlds!

More worlds are coming, for now, head to the Doodle World to get grinding!

New Secret Rarity

Shh… Secret Rarity is here with a new Secret pet!

Pets with this rarity are extremely hard to hatch.

The first can be found in one of the Doodle eggs!

Hopefully luck is on your side with this update!

Secret Hunter Gamepass

Ready to go on a secret hunt? Grab the new gamepass!

Purchasing significantly increases the chances of hatching Secret Pets, permanently!

Multiple Pet Drag Delete

FINALLY! One of the most requested quality of life features!

Now you may select more than one pet to delete!

While in delete mode, click and drag with your mouse to select pets.

This should make it much easier to free up your inventory space.

Currently, the feature only works for PC players (sorry!)

Happy deleting & grinding!

Doodle Expansion Teaser

New Doodle areas are coming soon!


Showing Only Current Currency

Now depending on what world you are in, you will see that world’s currency.

This was needed because the sidebar had too many currencies to fit on the screen.

Removed New Years Decorations

Now that we’re settled into the new year, we’ve removed the Trading Plaza decorations.

Hope everyone is looking forward to seeing what we have planned for this year!

Happy 2023 New Year!

Repeat Button on Locked Pets

Woops! The gold & rainbow repeat button was grabbing pets that were locked.

We’ve fixed it by not selecting these locked pets.

Bug Fixes

The bug fixes this week were mainly technical and behind the scenes!

+ Fixed some mailbox visual bugs

+ Fixed failed teleports to fail more gracefully

+ Added more transaction security

+ Added 30 second login restriction on using mailbox

+ Many more miscellaneous improvements!

Catch ya' in the next update! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team