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Pet Simulator X

May 27, 2023

Dog World Update!


Dog World

Who let the dogs out? Welcome to the Dog World!

Dig into 4 new areas: Dog Park, Dog City, Dog Firehouse, and Dog Mansion

Travel to the Dog World using Limbo if you have Kawaii World unlocked!

Dog Pets

Woof! 17 new pets have been added!

Including 2 new HUGE pets, Huge Firefighter Dalmatian and Huge Basketball Retriever.

Good luck hatching these dawgs!

Dog Eggs

Find 3 new eggs with their golden variants!

The final Dog Egg has the chance of hatching the Huge Firefighter Dalmatian!

In hardcore, this egg has the chance of hatching the Huge Basketball Retriever!

Giant Dog Chest

Need more coins? Unlock the final area, Dog Mansion, to break the Giant Dog Chest!

Use your new Dog pets to break it for lots of the Cartoon Currency!

Hot Dooooog

That’s a long dog! Hatchable in any egg in the Dog World!

It has the hatch chance of the banana, so it may be the rarest pet in the game!

Hardcore Only Huge

For all the hardcore grinders out there, we’ve added a new HUGE pet to Hardcore Mode.

The Huge Basketball Retriever can ONLY be hatched in the Dog Egg while in Hardcore Mode!

Nightmare Exclusive Pets

BOO! Spooky NIGHTMARE pets!

Featuring the brand new TITANIC Nightmare Cat!

2 new HUGE pets - HUGE Nightmare Kraken and HUGE Nightmare Spirit!


Big Changes

- Added a claim all button in the Dark Matter machine
- Added an auto player teleport to booth after using search terminal
- Added the ability to auction exclusives pets
- Added way to see non-indexed pets on the egg billboard popup, they now show as grayed out
- Buffed VIP diamond reward by 10x
- Nerfed auction fee to 1% from 5%
- Nerfed quest shop prices to be cheaper

Other Changes

- Added Season 2 DLC which comes to stores soon
- Added an achievement for entering Dog World
- Added new quests for Dog World
- Buffed diamond drops in Season 2 DLC
- Buffed quest shop diamond amounts to be greater
- Changed hardcore hoverboard to cost 5b diamonds
- Fixed diamond mine breakable health to better suit new players
- Fixed heaven gate’s quest sign to make the shop button clickable
- Fixed how damage on evolved pets was showing as numbers instead of question marks (visual bug)
- Fixed how long bank is disabled after updates
- Fixed how particles were not scaling when opening eggs
- Fixed not being able to buy 15 pets gamepass in some situations
- Fixed scavenger and hype gift text overlapping on the screen during update time
- Fixed some pets visually appearing incorrect in the bank
- Fixed the ability to hover the preview eggs on the huge machine
- Fixed titanic pets double announcing when one is hatched locally
- Nerfed Kawaii World to be less expensive
- Removed 2x luck and coin event
- Removed Lucky Block event world
- Removed developers from leaderboards
- Removed global hatch announcements for merch codes
- Removed mythical hatches from chat
- Removed quest signs in hardcore mode

Terminal Changes

- Added eggs and gifts to the search
- Added hovering to view more details on the 3 monitors
- Added booth sales in the live sales board
- Added a loading screen
- Changed the sort to show exclusives and mythics at top
- Changed if you search, while looking at pets, it will automatically go back
- Changed to keep scroll position when going back from searching
- Changed all messages to not say pet
- Fixed mobile not being able to use the machine
- Fixed live sales board not updating
- Fixed banana to show when you search
- Fixed rainbow chroma pets to not show
- Fixed gold evolved pets and exclusive pets to not show
- Fixed freezing on search when you search and walk away from machine
- Fixed the loading screen to appear in the correct order

Bring your sunscreen for the next update, PSX summer is gonna be HOT! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team