Pet Simulator X

February 18, 2023

Daycare Update!


Pet Daycare

Introducing Pet Daycare, located at Spawn!

Enroll 10-20 pets into daycare to gather loot and rewards for you.

The pets work while you are offline for a total of 6 hours.

If you are online, the pets gather and leave daycare 3x faster.

After the time is up, pick up the pets and loot from daycare!

Grind even while offline! What a timesaver!

Pet Daycare Upgrade

Upgrade the Daycare to enroll 20 pets instead of only 10, permanently!

2 New Huges

Lovely! A brand new huge pet.

Check out the HUGE Love Lamb!

Available in the Rose Egg which is hidden in a secret location!

PLUS! Another new huge pet!

The HUGE Meebo in a Spaceship!

Rewarded as loot in the Daycare! Good luck!

Secret Door

Valentine's pets have been keeping a secret! We've discovered their secret Cozy Cove area!

The location is a mystery, but the waters may guide you to the secret door.

Cozy Cove Area

Behold the secret Cozy Cove area!

In this area, find the new egg and giant chest breakable!

A stunning outdoor space with cascading waterfalls!

Rose Egg

In the secret area, hatch the new Rose Egg!

This egg has a new HUGE pet in it, the Huge Love Lamb.

Good luck hatching! Only available for a limited time.

Heart Chest

What's that resting in the center of the Cozy Cove? The Heart Chest!

This chest contains a lot of love! It will take a very long time to break!

If you can contain the love, you may find the chest in the secret area.

Multiple Pet Enchant

First auto enchant, and now multiple pet enchant!

It is now more than ever easier to enchant your pets.

In the enchantment menu, select up to 3 pets to enchant.

This should make it much easier to get the enchantments you’ve been looking for.

Teleport Menu Icons

More updates to the teleport menu!

Unique icons for each machine and chests have been added!

Now quickly, and easily, locate what you’re looking for!


Player Cap Increased

Player count on all servers has been increased!

The cap is now 12 players, an increase from 10!

Hooray! Room for more friends!

Event Pets in Index

All event pets, such as Christmas and Halloween, have been added to the Pet Index!

This was done as a request of the collectors out there, enjoy!

More Mailboxes

The Doodle and Pixel worlds now have their own unique mailboxes!

Mailboxes may now be found in all worlds! Mail time!

Dark Matter Visual Fix

Some Dark Matter Doodle pets were colored blue, this has been fixed!

DLC Claim Improvements

Now when you redeem DLC, the gifts now open in the world similar to how exclusives do!

This was done to make the redeeming experience that much better!

Thank you for the support!

CoolBeanz DLC Reward

Everyone who redeemed a CoolBeanz DLC reward has received an additional reward!

The rewards are:

62.5% Roll = Basic "S1 Basic Loot Box"
12.5% Roll = Rare "S1 Rare Loot Box" 
12.5% Roll =  Epic "S1 Rare Loot Box"
12.5% Roll =  2 Rewards:
1) Legendary "S1 Legendary Loot Box"
2) Exclusive "Exclusive-S1-Pet” (The HUGE Balloon White Cat)

Additional rewards, yay!

Have fun and enjoy the new update, catch you next week! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team