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Pet Simulator X

April 29, 2023

¡Cinco de Mayo Event!


Piñata Event

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! It’s time to party!

There are piñatas spawning around in every area.

Inside are loads of goodies from pets, boosts, and diamonds!

Every 4 hours a Giant Piñata spawns, starting at 12PM CDT.

The Giant Piñata can be found hanging over the Town area.

The best chance for the HUGE Piñata Cat is in the Giant Piñata.

Limited time event, so put on your blindfold and get breaking!

Piñata Pets

Don’t smash these cute pets! There’s no candy inside of them.

Join the mariachi duo, and the piñata pets!

Check out the colorful HUGE Piñata Cat!

Piñata Egg

Grab your sombrero and get hatching!

The Piñata Egg hatches from breaking piñatas.

Inside find the Sombrero Cat, Sombrero Chihuahua, Piñata Cat, and Piñata Dog.

Reminder, the best chance for the HUGE Piñata Cat is in the Giant Piñata!

Evolve Machine

Introducing the newest machine, the Evolve Machine!

This machine lets you make evolutions for the most common huge pets.

Supply it 5 accepted HUGE pets to hatch a new evolved huge with the evolved enchant!

Allows for: Huge Hell Rock, Cupcake, Hacked Cat, Pixel Cat, Pterodactyl, Peacock, and King Cobra

You may mix-and-match huges and the output is based on the percent you put in.

Located at Spawn next to the Huge-a-Tron Machine.

Evolve Machine Huges

Welcome to the most huges we’ve ever added to the game at once!

- Huge Evolved Hell Rock
- Huge Evolved Cupcake
- Huge Evolved Hacked Cat
- Huge Evolved Pixel Cat
- Huge Evolved Pterodactyl
- Huge Evolved Peacock
- Huge Evolved King Cobra

Each can be hatched with the Evolve Machine! See if you can collect them all!

Evolve Enchant

What’s better than just a new machine? A new enchant!

Every pet out of the Evolve Machine will have an Evolve Enchant.

This enchant makes the pet significantly stronger than your best pet.

Huge-a-Tron Event Pets

The time has come! Event pets can now be used in the Huge-a-Tron Machine!

The result of adding event pets into the machine is the new Huge-a-Tron Event Egg!

This egg is unique for the event pets, and the best part, it's free to use!

Huge-a-Tron Event Egg

The Event Egg can be obtained by adding event pets into the Huge-a-Tron Machine!

This egg has the HUGE Cool Cat pet along with 3 exclusive pets.

New Scavenger Pet

From the land down under, the Safari Dog has arrived!

Find this new event pet in the Scavenger Egg after each update.

There is a chance to hatch it as a HUGE, good luck mate!

Fruit Mastery

The Fruit Mastery is the fruitiest mastery yet!

Level it by breaking fruit which spawns in any area.

It will make the fruit boosts last longer! Woo!

Fruit Achievements

Knocking out all the fruity features!

The Fruit Ninja achievement is granted after breaking 1,000 fruits.

Grab your pets and get to work! Yummy!

Voting Sign

Let’s hear your feedback! Head to the top of the Spawn shop.

Using the new Voting Sign, you can give us a thumbs up or down.

We’ll be asking about the updates, features, and even upcoming ideas.

Make sure to keep checking back every week. Eager to see your votes!

Cinco de Mayo Decorations

What’s a party without decorations?

Head over to the Spawn to see the festive theme.


Improved Trade Security

Beware scammers! We’ve added even more security to the trade system:

- Added a 5 second countdown every time the trade is modified 
- Added a flashing indicator to show what was changed 
- Added a second confirm screen on trades

More Mailbox Settings

It’s mail time! To fit more options, the menu has been re-worked to have a scroll bar.

We added more reject pet rarity options: Event Pets, Secret Pets, and Exclusive Pets

Welcome Back Pet

Players who haven’t played for 2 weeks or more will receive a pet gift!

Welcome back! Enjoy a little boost from us!

Lag Optimization

Lots of lag improvements have been made!

- Hardcore Mode should be lag free now! 
- Coins now spawn instantly and at the same time 
- Coins no longer load for unused worlds to improve memory 
- Improved lag when 400+ pets are in the same world breaking objects 
- Optimized text on the trading plaza to improve flickering on low memory devices 
- Improved the line drawing on the pets targeting breakables 
- Improved lag with coin orbs on the ground 
- Fixed the localization to improve memory 
- Fixed some UIs, like Daycare, to improve background lag

Muchas gracias for joining us on this update! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team