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December 24, 2021

Pet Simulator X - Christmas Update (Part 2)

Full changelog for the 14th Pet Simulator X Update!



Here's a little Christmas Eve Update (or Christmas Day, depending on what side of the world you live on). Hope you enjoy it. Happy holidays!




Christmas Event Quests

Complete a series of quests for HUGE rewards including Gingerbread, Diamonds, Boosts, and even an exclusive Sleigh Hoverboard! 

Can you complete all the quests and score the hoverboard?



You can now unlock different hoverboards! In total, 8 new hoverboards have been added to the game! 

This includes the Bling Hoverboard, VIP Hoverboard, Rainbow Hoverboard, and more!


You can access this menu by selecting the hoverboard as normal (even if you don't own the gamepass!)


Super Magnet Gamepass

After some consideration, I've added the Super Magnet Pass! This pass will make coins and lootbags fly at you - no matter where you are! Great for AFKing. It's available for 400 Robux if you feel inclined!



New Menu Buttons

The menu buttons received an uplift! Let me know what you think.



Candy Canes

Candy Canes can now be found all over the map! Break them for tons of gingerbread!



[Limited Time] Christmas Egg

Try your luck out on the Limited Time Christmas Egg! Feeling extra lucky? There's a chance you can get the Huge Santa Paws pet - which will never be obtainable again!

Only available for the next few days!






Double Gingerbread

Gingerbread has received yet another buff and has been doubled for everyone! Enjoy!


More SFX

SFX has been added to collecting bank interest, earning boosts, and more!


Health Scaling

Gingerbread Chests, Diamond Presents, and Candy Canes will now scale their health based on their spawn location!


More Lootbags

Get even more lootbags now when breaking chests!


Huge Festive Cat Buff

The Huge Festive Cat drop rate has been tripled! Good luck!


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