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December 18, 2021

Pet Simulator X - Christmas Update (Part 1)

Full changelog for the 13th Pet Simulator X Update!



The second part of the Christmas Update will come out around Christmas (25th) and will include extra content, similar to what I did for the Halloween Updates. Stay tuned!




Christmas Event

Time to get into the holiday spirit! A brand new world is available only for a Limited Time. 

You can access the limited time Christmas Event world using a cannon in the Spawn World.




With the Christmas Event comes a brand new limited time currency - Gingerbread! You can earn gingerbread just by playing normally. Spend it on the limited time eggs!



4 New Eggs

Four limited time eggs have been added, including:

- Jolly Egg (+ Gold Version)

- Gingerbread Egg (+ Gold Version)

- Christmas Tree Egg (+ Gold Version)

- Egg of Many Gifts




23 New Pets

Almost two dozen new cuddly pets have been added to the game! 

This includes 3 new exclusive pets, 3 new Mythicals, and a new hatchable Huge pet!


(Good luck hatching the Huge Festive Cat! You'll need it.)


Festive Map

Grab your winter coats, it's snowing! The map has been given a holiday makeover. This includes the Trading Plaza. Make sure to keep your pets warm!


Santa Paws Gifts

Every so often, Santa Paws will drop off gifts for everyone in the server! Gifts can range from diamonds, gingerbread, and even boosts! (There is no limit on how many gifts you can receive.)




Giant Gingerbread Chest

Every 15-30 minutes a Giant Gingerbread Chest will spawn in a random world! Harvest it for tons of Gingerbread!



Festive Lootbags

Lootbags have a chance to spawn paired with a festive lootbag! Festive lootbags give tons of Gingerbread! 

There is also a very small chance a festive gift will spawn, too!






Unequip All Button

The day has finally arrived!!! You all asked, you received. You can now unequip all pets. Simply equip your best pets and click again to unequip all. Enjoy! :)


Pet Icon Loading

Pet Icons now have a loading animation! Pretty necessary now that there are hundreds of unique pets.


Coin Selecting Changes

Selecting coins has been buggy for a while now. This isn't because I'm unable to fix it... actually, I did fix it - but had to revert it quickly after lots of backlash. Apparently people use these bug(s) to AFK farm. I decided I want to fix it permanently anyways. So it's fixed.


Boost Calculations

Boosts (including the friends boost) now calculate correctly for rewards.


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