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December 17, 2022

Pet Simulator X - Christmas 2022 Update! (Part 1)

Added Christmas World, Gingerbread, Pets, Eggs, Events, Mailbox, and way more!



Christmas 2022 Update!







Christmas World

Welcome to a winter wonderland!

Travel through the snow to find 4 new areas: 
- Wonderland, Snowy Forest, Elf Village, and the North Pole

Access the Christmas World by using the cannon in the Spawn World!



Gingerbread Currency

Got milk? Because Gingerbread currency is back this Christmas!

Earn Gingerbread with your pets in the new Christmas World.



Christmas Pets

18 new pets have been added!

This includes the new hatchable Huge Jolly Penguin!

Plus, 18 of the Christmas 2021 pets have returned!

The previous year's pets have been buffed significantly.




Christmas Eggs

Find 3 new eggs with their their golden variants! Plus, 3 of the previous eggs have returned!

The final Snowman Egg contains the best pets and the huge pet!

Only available for a limited time!

Good luck hatching!



Gingerbread Giant Chest

Unlock the final area, North Pole, to find the Giant Gingerbread Chest!

Harvest it for tons of Gingerbread! Yummy, yummy.



Advent Calendar

Join the countdown to Christmas!

Collect 8 total rewards to during the Christmas event!

Return every day for new rewards!



Santa's Sleigh

Santa Paws has been seen flying over the Christmas area!

Every 4 hours he drops presents with loot bags and a chance for a Huge.

This is the only way to get a Huge Snowman!

Hopefully you weren't on the naughty list this year!




Christmas Presents

Help the elves! Their presents have been scattered around the map!

Get into the holiday spirit and find all 20 presents for an achievement.

Every present gives boosts, gingerbread, and diamonds!



Elf on the Shelf

Keep your eyes peeled for a mischievous little elf as they pop up all around the map.

The elf moves every day at midnight to a new secret location!

Find the Festive Elf Pet for boosts, gingerbread, diamonds, and an achievement!



Festive Decorations

Brrr, it's snowing! The map is experiencing sub zero temperatures!

The Spawn and Trading Plaza are all decorated up. Get cozy and stay warm!



Snowball Launcher

Let the snowball fights commence!

Grab a launcher from a snow pile on the Trading Plaza!

The launcher can be used against other players, or for target practice!



Mailbox System

It’s mail time! The mailbox can be used to send and receive gifts!

Send pets, diamonds, and a message to any player for a small diamond fee.

The player will receive your gift once they log on!



Stocking Gifts

Stocking Gifts can be bought from the Exclusive Shop!

You can get 10x for 1,899 Robux, limited time only!



New Exclusive Booths

All new exclusive booths available in the Trading Plaza!

1 for diamonds, 1 for a reward, and 3 for Robux!

Check them out!



Frozen Jolly Cat

How do we thaw this titanic cat?

Check back next week…







Signing Scam Prevention

Some players were copying partner usernames to trick players to trade them pets to sign.

We’ve added a flame emoji (🔥) before partner’s name in the trade list, trade request, and trading menu.

Pay attention to this when you’re getting your pets signed!


Signed Rename Warning

Added a popup warning when you’re about to rename a signed pet.


Buffed Shiny Chances

The shiny pet chances has been increased for exclusives and DLC pets!


Shiny Announcements

If you hatch a legendary, mythic, or exclusive pet that is shiny, this will now show in the chat.


Shiny Searchable

It is now possible to search shiny in the inventory.


Buffed VIP Gamepass

The gamepass was a bit too weak considering the recent diamond and booster changes.

It was changed to give more of both!


Booth Cooldown

A cooldown has been added when listing and buying pets from booths.

This should help prevent some scams that were happening (listing low then listing high).


Booth Fixes

Some booths had visual issues where they were too bright. This has been fixed!


Huge Pixel Cat

The huge pixel cat was still obtainable. Now, it is no longer obtainable! Sorry!


Bugged Hoverboards

Fixed the steampunk and rainbow hoverboard! Previously, they didn’t look correct from another player’s game.


Gold Pet Icons

Added icons for pets with missing gold icons. Such as: Huge Gargoyle Dragon, Huge Lucky Cat, and a few others.


Balloon Animations

Fixed an issue where some of the balloon cats weren’t animating correctly.





Happy Holidays! Big, big, things up ahead! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team



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