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November 05, 2022

Pet Simulator X - Cat World Update

Full changelog for the Cat World Pet Simulator X Update!



** Weekly Updates **

Pet Simulator X is now getting WEEKLY UPDATES starting this week!

Every Saturday at 11am CST, check back for a NEW UPDATE!





Cat World

Meow! 🐱 Welcome to the one and only Cat World! Featuring furry felines in their natural habitats such as Cat Paradise, Cat Backyard, Cat Taiga, and Cat Kingdom! Travel to the Cat World using The Void if you have the Pixel Vault unlocked.


Cat Pets

You guessed it! New Cat Pets have been added. Check out the cute animations on these felines!


These are some of the first ever animated pets!


Cat Eggs

Find three new eggs with their their golden variants! The final Cat Egg has the chance of hatching a Huge Balloon Cat!


New Octuple Eggs Gamepass

OCUTPLE EGGS! That means eight eggs opened, all at once. This is for the absolute egg opening lunatics. It is available now for 1,700 Robux and you must own Triple Eggs already. This pass is WILD, take a look!



Giant Cat Chest




Nerfed Void World Quests

The bacon heads rejoice! The Void quest requirement for Dark Matter and Lootbags has been removed. It is now easier to catch up to your friends!


2x Removed & Kept

The icon for the 2x event has been removed, but the 2x benefits will forever exist! Maybe we'll have to have another 2x event in the future… making it 4x…? Oh my!



Egg Opening Animation

Pet alignment has been fixed during egg hatching, they will now face the right direction.



New Ranks

Two new ranks have been added!


New Achievements

A new achievement has been added! Nothing insane, but you will have to enter the Cat World.


Hardcore Pets Balanced

Hardcore Pets have been balanced to be less game breaking in the normal world. There were two problems: The pets were earning too many coins in the normal world. Also, the Companion enchant was increasing their power too much. Don't worry, Hardcore Pets have not been changed in the Hardcore world!


Buffed Skip Chest

Skip Chest has been sped up a bit. Now the eggs leave the screen even faster - but not too fast!


Update Screen

You may have noticed a new update screen. This allows us to better update the game while you are playing. If we apply a new update, you will smoothly be transferred to a newly updated server. Less disruptions!




Enjoy the update & catch you next week with another!


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