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Pet Simulator X

December 04, 2021

This took a LOT OF WORK!!.. a lot more than anticipated. This explains the 3 week wait time from last update. 

Excited to get back into doing content updates (more eggs, pets, areas, etc), starting with the next update, here soon. Stay tuned :)


The Bank

Introducing: The Bank!

With a Bank account, you can:

- Store large amounts of pets & diamonds

- Share cross-server with friends (& people you trust)

- Earn daily interest on Diamonds

It currently costs 7.5m Diamonds to open an account. Accounts start at Tier 1 and can currently be upgraded to Tier 7

Higher tier = better perks.


Anyone can invite you to their bank. Currently, you can be apart of 5 banks at once

Tier 7 banks can have up to 6 members, each.


To open an account, look for the Bank Building. You can find it in every world except the Tech World.. because of lighting bugs (will fix soon)

I plan to do a lot with this. Think: Bank leaderboards, clan battles (with super exclusive rewards), and much more. 

I'll be closely monitoring the Bank after release. Hopefully there shouldn't be any downtime... but expect it sporadically for the first week because these things happen when you have 500,000 players join at once.


Loot Bags

Farming coins & diamonds isn't... enjoyable. End-game currently consists of sitting AFK on a big chest. And waiting. For hours.

While I don't want to remove this mechanic... I also don't want to promote it either. 

Players that want to actively interact with the game should be given better rewards. After a month of ideas, this is the solution I came up with:

* * LOOTBAGS! * *

Lootbags will randomly pop out while you gather coins. (They also pop out of chests, too.) 

Lootbags contain large quantities of Coins, Diamonds, and even Boosts

There's a chance you might even find a rare lootbag which contains VERY good rewards. 

See for yourself, and let me know! I'll actively be making changes based on feedback.


Featured Pets Refresh

Featured Pets have been refreshed! Get them while you can!





Mystery Merchant Changes

No, you aren't crazy. Mystery Merchant hasn't been showing up in lots of servers. This is HOPEFULLY fixed. Also - I've changed the discount from 20% to 35%.

Rewards Rewrite

I totally rewrote rewards. Again. But for real this time. I spent a LOT of time A/B testing this rewritten version with the original. 

Let me know if anything is wrong! Very excited to work with this system.

Rank / VIP Rewards

Both Rank and VIP rewards have been rebalanced. A lot more Diamonds. Glittering has been buffed too.

Interface Upgrades

What's a PSX update without a bunch of interface uplifts?

General Polishing + Stability

I spent a lot of time cleaning up the codebase and polishing things on the front-end. That means better experience for everyone. Wooo!