Pet Simulator X

February 12, 2022



Axolotl Ocean

Grab some scuba gear and explore the depths in the brand new Axolotl Ocean World! You can get here by crossing through The Void.


Axolotl Pets

Everyone loves axolotls. So we made a bunch of them! Enjoy :)


Which is your favorite?

Axolotl Eggs

Hatch two brand new eggs, including their golden variants! Available in the Axolotl Ocean.


The Void

The ultimate gateway to alternate dimensions.


Hacker Portal

The Hacker Portal can now be opened! But first, you must complete a series of quests. Good luck!


Rainbow Coins

Introducing - Rainbow Coins! You can earn and spend these coins in the Axolotl Ocean and other upcoming worlds/areas. This also includes a new enchantment - Rainbow Coins!


New Exclusive Egg

The Orca, Gargoyle Dragon, Fairy Queen, and the Huge Gargoyle Dragon are now available in the new Exclusive Egg! Get them before they are gone forever!


Remastered Machines

All machines received a total makeover! I never liked how they looked originally (I'm not the best artist). Much needed improvement. Thanks Calvin!


Giant Underwater Chest




Deleting Exclusive Pets

You can now delete exclusive pets from your inventory! Why? I don't know? But you'll be given a 2nd warning when attempting to do so. Just in-case.


Map Uplift

Many parts of the map were updated with a modern look. Most notably, the fountains!


New Achievements

Some new achievements have been added!


Re-balanced Lootbags

Lootbag rewards and drop rates were re-calculated. Still not perfect. Gonna do more work here soon.


Tech World Bank

The bank is *finally* accessible from the Tech World!


Pet Collection Interface

The pet collection interface received some minor adjustments. Most noticeably, huge pets are now sorted at the bottom.


Cinematic Freecam

Partners are now able to use cinematic freecam! Type, "/e freecam" in the chat to enable it. Looking to apply for partner? Join our Discord.