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November 19, 2022

Pet Simulator X - Autumn Event

Autumn event, limited time pets, server boosts, and more!






Autumn Event

Happy Autumn, and upcoming Thanksgiving (if you celebrate)

Travel to the new Autumn event through the door in the Town area!



Autumn Area

The leaves are falling…

Splendid surprises await! Don't be afraid to search around ;)



Acorn Eggs

In the center and under the gazebo, you can find the new Acorn Eggs!

For the first time ever, these eggs cost Diamonds instead of Coins!

Hatch limited-time OP Autumn themed pets, including the Huge Scarecrow Cat

Great time to catch up to your friends!

If you do some searching, you might be able to find something else too!



Server Boosts Machine

Introducing the new Server Boosts Machine!

This bad boy lets you combine 20 boosts into a special server-wide boost that works for all players!

Located in Void World!



Server Boosts

Do you have huge stash of boosts you aren't using? Turn them into Server Boosts!

These boosts also additively stack with personal boosts!

For example, a personal and server 3x strength boost would combine to → 6x.

If multiple players activate them, they are placed into a queue and the boost extends!

Players that activate a server boost will also be given a shout-out in the chat!

Currently if a server restarts, active server boost(s) will not be refunded or re-distributed to another server.

We plan to solve this in an upcoming update/patch. Just a heads up!



Server Events

Pay attention! Every 15-30 minutes the server selects an event at random!

These events create bonuses and multipliers for all players in the server!

Feeling lucky? There are 2 special events: 

  • Super Breaker which grants 25x pet damage
  • Insane Luck which grants 25x luck! WOW!

Server events last 10-15 minutes, so you better be quick!



New Index Reward

Another +1 pet equip index reward has been added!

To earn this reward, you need to index 1,000 unique pets!

This one is for all you completionists out there! Good luck getting that new slot!






New Inventory Search

The ability to search for enchantment names has been added to the pet inventory!

This should make it much easier to equip pets that have enchantments like Rainbow Coins.

Type in any enchantment, or level of the enchantment, to find those enchanted pets!



Shop Boosts Increased

More boost for your buck! Boosts are now sold in quantities of 10 for the same price!

Also, the boost bundle was buffed considerably

It now gives 8 Ultra Lucky, 15 Triple Coins, 20 Super Lucky, 15 Triple Damage!



More Console Support

As mentioned last week, we're working to fully support console!

Now console players are able to add Diamonds in the Trade and Bank menu.

Hotkeys were added to turn on Auto Hatch and all other HUD buttons (like Teleport).

 Please report any issues on Discord!



Fixed Unlocking Pets

There was a rather annoying issue with trying to unlock and trade pets.

If the pet was locked while you were trading, you would need to re-log after unlocking it. The bug has been fixed!



Improved Hardcore FPS

There were a few issues where performance was dropping heavily on Hardcore Mode. 

This has been investigated and resolved!



Huge White Balloon Cat

Unlock an Exclusive Huge White Balloon Cat by redeeming lucky DLC which can

come with the COOLBEANZ plush pack launching next week! Keep your eyes peeled.

You can view official retailers HERE.




Balloon Cat Sounds

The Balloon Cats have been given some unique SFX!




Hope you enjoy! Catch you next week! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team


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