Pet Simulator X

December 03, 2022


Anime Exclusives

The Exclusive Egg has been refreshed!

6 new exclusive pets, including 2 huge exclusive pets!

The odds for huge pets have been buffed 100%! That’s double the huge chance!

These have some new unique features…

The Anime Agony is the first ever animated huge!

The pets fly when moving, and stand while static!

So cute, yet so dangerous!

Don’t cross paths with the charged up monkey!

The ultimate anime power squad!

Update Hype Gift

HYPE! This gift contains 4 new pets, including 1 huge pet!

If you’re on 5 minutes before any update, you’ll receive one!

These gifts can be opened or traded after the update is live.

Make sure to be online before the updates!

Random Multipliers

Enjoy 2x to 100x increased rewards on any breakable in the game!

If you see coins, diamonds, or big chests with particles spewing out, this means it’s multiplied.

As the rewards increase, so do the particle amounts. See if you can find a 100x!

Voice Trading Plaza

Hello? Can you hear me now? No more need to ask on the voice chat only trading plaza!

This server is exclusively for players with voice chat enabled.

Now you can barter over voice, hangout, and maybe even hold an auction!

Pls Donate Booth

If you’ve played the game “Pls Donate” before, you get a free booth skin!

If you haven’t played, check the game out! PSX players get a free cat booth!

Lucky Blocks

Didn’t score the FREE Huge Lucki yet? Don’t worry! Lucky blocks are still spawning in all worlds!

Earlier this week, there was a super secret black lucky block spotted for a limited amount of time.

If you missed out, keep your eyes peeled! It may be coming back around soon!


Diamonds Returned

Stock up! Diamonds are back in the shop.

For the same price as before, purchase 200x more diamonds!

That’s right! The large bundle now has 10 billion diamonds!

Booth Sale Notifications

Now on the trading server, all sales are shown in the chat.

This should make it easier to see who has popular booths and what price pets are selling for.

Fixed Invisible Pets

Sometimes pets would become invisible to the player, but they would still be there.

This was fixed so pets are now always visible. No more wandering pets!

Improved Anti-Hacks

More anti-hacks! Distance limits have been added to breaking, hatching, machines, and the bank.

Improved Locking UX

Before, locking pets was a bit confusing. This has been changed to be how the delete system works.

You can now more clearly tell when you are in the locking pets mode.

Fixed Not Spawning Booths

If you had joined a new trading server, sometimes the booths would not be there. This has been fixed.

Fixed 100K Hoverboard

The 100K Robux hoverboard wasn’t being properly awarded to some high spenders.

This has been fixed. Enjoy those blinged out boards!

Autumn Event Removed

Hope you enjoyed your turkey! Like the fallen autumn leaves, the event is gone now.

We're excited for this holiday season! It should be BIG… strap in!

Hope you enjoy! Expect new and shiny things ahead! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team