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Pet Simulator Update 8

October 19, 2018


Halloween is here!

- New LIMITED TIME hallow coins! You will get these randomly when you pick up coins!


- 10 new LIMITED TIME pets! (8 new golden pets!)

- Spooky skybox!

New pet/hat slot UI! It’s simpler and round(er). Let me know what you think!

New rainbow effect for pet slots

Updated currency bars to be skinnier and take up less space!

Added ability to buy moon and hallow coins! (In their respective areas)



Updated chat fork to latest version

Added hat culling (should fix lag/stuttering caused by hats)

Changed ‘tech vally’ to ‘tech valley’ (lol)

Updated featured pets



Fixed hats not appearing when joining a server

Fixed pets with more than one hat attachment - they should have more than one hat now! (Positions are kinda incorrect right now, will look into it further later)

Fixed helpful stats being removed permanently after toggling in and out of grid view in pets/hats

Fixed chat window size being super large on some mobile devices

Fixed slime height being incorrect

Performance balances and changes

Fixed crashing