Pet Simulator 99!

October 12, 2018


Added hats! Buy and unbox hat presents at the normal shop to collect hats to wear on your pets! Hats provide your pets stat bonuses and make them look snazzy! Hats currently cannot be traded and will be taken off whenever done so.

Added 5 hat presents!

Added 32 individual unique hats!

Added multi-delete! Delete a ton of pets at once - you’re welcome pet cloner gamepass users.

Added global chat notifications for:

- Player joined

- Player leave

- Rare pet/hat unboxed

- Super rare pet/hat unboxed

Added 100 max hats gamepass!

Entire client/server framework remake. This is huge for me - not going to get nerdy but it’s a giant personal achievement and lays the foundation for any future projects I work on. Really glad how this turned out. Expect the game to load instantly, too!

Huge inventory optimization. No longer re-draws EVERY change but instead makes smart changes. What does this mean for you?

- No more lag spikes every stat change

- No more flicker

- Much easier navigation (especially on Xbox)

- No more “auto scrolling”

New coin options and prices! Coins are MUCH CHEAPER now!

New ban commands (internal)

New sounds



Changed moon shop

Changed normal shop

Updated billboards in spawn area

Optimized pets to be much smoother and use up almost 50% less resources

Updated format for all scripts

Updated all deprecated signals and properties



Fixed duping (this was pushed out earlier)

Fixed trades yielding forever after completion

Fixed circle dialogs taking too long to popup (especially after teleporting)

Fixed bans randomly wiping (this was pushed out earlier)

Fixed being able to teleport anywhere (sorry!)

Fixed turtle base being incorrectly positioned

Fixed bug where GUI states were incorrect causing UIs to get stuck

Added buffer to save which will prevent 90% of cases where player is kicked due to failed data retrieve