Pet Simulator Update 5

Updated: Jan 25, 2019


Pet Simulator Update 5 Changelog (Sep 16th)



  • Rainbow pets! Whenever getting a pet, it has a very low chance to be rainbow! This means it has 5x the normal stats and appears as rainbow in-game and in the inventory. Rainbow pets cannot be upgraded to gold. All pets can be rainbow.

  • Rainbow luck gamepass! Greatly increase chances of getting a rainbow pet variation!

  • Super lucky gamepass! Get up to 60x the chance (6000%) of getting a rare pet!

  • Upgrade all option! Your fingers will benefit greatly.

  • (REVERTED) Coins and chests take 3x less time and yield 3x less rewards. This is to keep people from ‘AFKing’ and to speed up gameplay significantly

  • Added trading support to Xbox

  • Added very rare Ame Damnee and Domortuus pet

  • Pet slot UI animations for gold and rainbow pets! They now shine and look cool n’ stuff

  • Much more accurate controller UI navigation (You’re welcome Xbox users!)

  • Added staff and affiliate chat tag

  • Updated featured pets

  • Added twitter codes (accessible via. premium shop)



  • Large numbers of pets are handled better to keep servers from crashing (hopefully?)

  • Trading and premium shop don’t redraw every frame but instead make smart changes (extremely large optimization)

  • Scrolling is now automatically updated based on resolution

  • Removed coin collision which should greatly benefit performance

  • Equip indication changed from static green background to a green dot

  • Particles are greatly reduced on low detail mode which should greatly benefit performance on mobile

  • Trading had a few UI changes

  • You can now cancel gold tradeups (thanks loleris for pointing this out lol)

  • Increased chance of getting dark candy corn pet from 0.5% to 1%

  • Increased chance of getting cookie pet from 1% to 4%

  • Increased chance of getting yellow gummy from 1% to 8%

  • Non-partners can now own partner pet without risking loosing it automatically



  • Fixed pet speeds being incorrect when first joining the game

  • Fixed a lot of pet movement lag and ‘teleporting’. Should look smoother without costing performance.

  • Fixed dark saturn in-game model being wrong

  • Fixed console users not being able to scroll all the way down their inventory

  • Fixed pets disappearing when travelling to the moon

  • Fixed scrolling length sometimes not being correct on mobile

  • Fixed lighting issues with low detail mode

  • Fixed overlap issues on upgrade UI

  • Fixed climbing out of map and into other zones