Pet Simulator Update 4

Updated: Jan 25, 2019


Pet Simulator Update 4 Changelog (September 2nd)



  • 9 new Candy pets!

  • Candy area!

  • Candy egg! (tier 15)

  • LIMITED-TIME Random egg! Have an even chance to get ANY pet in the game! This can be purchased with Robux in the spawn.

  • Added moon coins to leaderboard!

  • New gold pets! Old gold pets looked green and dull - these are more isometric and bright!

  • Re-developed pet networking code. Should fix 600+ pets crashing servers; you’re welcome infinite pet owners!

  • Optimized pets by 200%-300% in stress situations!

  • Internal moderation tools! If you get caught hacking, scamming, or being toxic you will get banned permanently.



  • Increased default max pet slots from 25 -> 35 and max pets equipped from 3 -> 4 As promised!

  • Lucky gamepass mechanics changed to only affect rare pets chances (will no longer dramatically decrease your odds to get common pets)

  • Pet info window avoids clipping out of the screen (You’re welcome mobile users!)

  • Pet rename window now has a high z-index priority

  • Renamed 0 and 1 pets to ZER0 and 1NE

  • Added random position offset when pets follow players

  • Changed texture scaling on some pets


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed egg hatch soft-lock when player is out of available pet slots

  • Fixed 1ne pet golden variation being locked

  • Fixed mouse lag caused by stampede of pets

  • Fixed texture stretch on watermelon pet

  • Fixed alligator pet ‘base’ being referenced incorrectly

  • Fixed incorrect egg rotation in hatch animation

  • Got rid of forcefields

  • Partially patched popular exploit which allowed you to pick up all coins on the map at the same time

  • Fixed a load of f9 errors (help us by reporting these in our Discord!)

  • Random stability changes and micro optimizations