Pet Simulator Update 3

Updated: Jan 25, 2019


Pet Simulator Update 3 Changelog (Aug 26th)



  • Moon! Explore a completely different environment including an exclusive shop, new coins, and rare chests! This will be expanded on heavily in the future.

  • Moon coins! The moon map uses its own separate currency which is much harder to obtain! Currently you cannot convert regular coins to moon coins but you will be able to in the future once we work out the kinks.

  • 2 new eggs! Tier 13 and Tier 14!

  • 20+ new pets!

  • 500 Pet Slots gamepass! Expand your collection by 500 slots. This stacks with the 100 Pet Slots gamepass.

  • Cloning gamepass! With this you will get 2 extra clones of the pets you hatch!

  • Lucky gamepass! Dramatically increase your chances of getting a rare pet.

  • Inventory grid view! See all your pets in a much more compact and mobile friendly interface.

  • Rocket can now be used to transfer to the moon and back!

  • New featured pets!

  • Partner program! Want to be partners with us? Request via. our Discord and get access to a custom chat tag, FREE dominus partner pet, group rank, Discord rank, private chat, and more! To sign up for this you must qualify as either: – A large YouTuber (30k subs+) – A large Streamer (1k+ followers) – A large Influencer (25k+ followers)

  • Map system (culling) allowing us to feed maps from the server to the client without increasing initial loading times or affecting performance.

  • Pet elements are now mostly composed of decals instead of SurfaceGuis. This proves to have a significant positive performance impact (especially on mobile)

  • Saving revamp! Saving now cycles different. Let me know if you run into data loss.



  • Coin spawning no longer uses raycasts and relies on completely random generation and even spacing (massive server performance boost)

  • Chest explosion sound is now much quieter

  • Mouse tags are now changed and shouldn’t linger around your mouse

  • Trade window will now prioritize pets that are being traded which should help prevent scams.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed duping exploits

  • Fixed chat tags not updating for VIP players

  • Fixed that one error where you can’t pickup coins for some reason

  • Fixed sprint button appearing on touch screen desktops/laptops

  • Fixed cheeta being incorrectly labeled

  • Fixed pet heights on several pets

  • Other random fixes and stability changes