Pet Simulator Update 2

Updated: Jan 25, 2019


Pet Simulator Update 2 Changelog (Aug 16th)



  • Trading!

- Trade up to 15 pets at a time with any player in your server

- Trading is secure and waits for both you and tradee to accept

- Cute trading sounds :)

  • Gold tradeups!

- Have 10 of the same pet? Combine them to get one gold pet!

- Gold pets have 3x the stats of the regular pet

- Some pets cannot be converted (reskins)

  • Upgrades 2.0

- Upgrades now have 30 bars instead of 20

- Upgrades are now mult based by upgrade tier (Coin Collection 3 boosts your coin stat by 12 per bar instead of 1)

  • Massive UI revamp!

- Cleaner

- More consistent

  • Save system rewrite. What does this mean? Well,

- It's more robust

- Failed saves are now logged and properly handled (instead of failing once causing massive data loss on the server forever lol)

- Modular design (easier for me)

- Client warnings on save failure (you will now know if data is not saving)

  • Infinite pets equipped pass. Equip as many pets as you want!

  • New music (3 tracks) by BSlickComposer!



  • Force save after premium product is purchased

  • Updated chat core to latest version

  • Buffed VIP sprint speed by 15%

  • Premium Shop Gamepass and Products now display 'Not for Sale' if they are not for sale

  • Premium Shop products now sorted based on ownership and pricing



  • Fixed gamepasses failing to register (hopefully?)

- Sometimes (~1/500 times) Roblox does a oopsy-woopsy and fails to register a gamepass purchase. I cannot fix this.

  • Fixed bug where other player stat cache would stay permanently (caused rare strange issues like visible pets that don't exist)

  • Fixed rarity display being incorrect (pet info overlay, egg opening)