Pet Simulator 99!

February 01, 2019

The final update to Pet Simulator! This a compilation of bug fixes, stability changes, and performance improvements. I want to make sure the game is in a good shape before it stops receiving updates; That said, it was a crazy ride. Here's to the upcoming sequel! :))



- Pet movement and logic rewrite. Should look the same (if not smoother) and have major performance gains across the board. Expect mobile and console performance to skyrocket!

1,000 pets running smoothly :D

- Entire new internal directory system, built specifically for organization by taking advantage of the explorer search. Will be used for future projects going forward.



- Reverted snow and festive theme :(

- Music now plays according to individual areas.

- Moved 'Winter Wonderland' world portal to moon.

- Changed saturation of buildings in starting area.

- Cut down pet parts by over 1/2.

- Removed limited time egg.

- Made Giant Penguin bigger! :)


- (Major) Fixed strange bug that caused some users to not have the correct starting stats, giving them a large disadvantage.

- (Major) Fixed Giant Penguin model.

- Fixed dialog buttons being an option for errors.

- Fixed selection worldFX raycast being center mass of pet.

- Fixed boundry collisions on Moon and Winter Wonderland.

- Fixed Premium Shop exit button being centered incorrectly.

- Fixed black matter Giant Penguin face.

- Fixed volume for 3x open being WAY TOO LOUD.