Pet Simulator 99!

December 23, 2018


Entire. New. World. Experience: Winter Wonderland! Includes a super cozy shop and 3 coin areas! Limited time only.


4 New eggs - Limited Time only!


New Limited Time currency - Snow Coins! Only obtainable in Winter Wonderland.

Dozens of new pets!

VIP members now get 35 extra pet slots and no limit for trades - FOR FREE!

Coin progress HUD now scales based on the pickup size! (EX: Chests have bigger progress HUD)

Renamed teleports (QOL) and put them in order!

Added personalized explosion FX to all insane pickups!



Optimized coin faces.

Using DistanceFromCharacter instead of magnitude. (large noticeable performance increase)

Changed bottom raycast for pets. (slight performance increase)

Distance between player and pet dynamic. (based on pet size)



Fixed cracks in overworld.

Fixed being able to teleport to boss chests.

Fixed pickup sounds not being relative. (been a bug since launch!)

Random other bug fixes and slight performance increases.