Pet Simulator Update 13

Updated: Jan 25, 2019


Pet Simulator Update 13 Changelog (December 15, 2018)


Notice! I was on hiatus for a while. Needed a mental break to sort stuff out and give attention to other projects. I’m back now! That said, i’m getting back into the groove of things. Here’s the current schedule:

- (Today) Winter makeover

- (Before next Friday) Content and christmas

- (Next next Friday) New areas, eggs, and pets



  • It’s winter and everything is covered in snow! Experience winter wonderland as the entire overworld has gotten a festive facelift. Bring a jacket!

  • All 5 music tracks have been hit with some Christmas flare. Thanks @BSlickMusic!

  • ???



  • Reorganized functions, uiFX, and worldFX functions into sub-modules

  • Removed limited time egg

  • Fixed map collision in certain places



  • (Actually) Fixed numbers going into scientific notation