Pet Simulator 99!

November 23, 2018


New opening animation! It does a much better job showing what you got and looks better - see for yourself!

This will also display the pets you get from the pet cloner gamepass, as shown above.

Triple egg gamepass! Get the option to open 3 eggs, all at once!


2x Upgrade Points gamepass has been changed to 2x Conversion Pets! When converting to gold, rainbow, or dark matter - you get 2 pets instead of 1! This is currently offsale because we reached the gamepass limit.

Limited Time Random Dark Matter Egg! Get a random dark matter pet!




Gold pets required for rainbow changed from 10 to 7!

Rainbow pets required for dark matter changed from 10 to 5!

Button and egg information UI is invisible during open animation

Added more internal functions

Converted pets now play rare open sound for open animation

Usernames are now cached in moderator suite

Message options



Fixed dark matter pets also being rainbow

Fixed pet and egg clipping in open animation