Pet Simulator Update 12

Updated: Jan 26, 2019


Pet Simulator Update 12 Changelog (November 23, 2018)



  • New opening animation! It does a much better job showing what you got and looks better - see for yourself!

This will also display the pets you get from the pet cloner gamepass, as shown above.

  • Triple egg gamepass! Get the option to open 3 eggs, all at once!

  • 2x Upgrade Points gamepass has been changed to 2x Conversion Pets! When converting to gold, rainbow, or dark matter - you get 2 pets instead of 1! This is currently offsale because we reached the gamepass limit.

  • Limited Time Random Dark Matter Egg! Get a random dark matter pet!



  • Gold pets required for rainbow changed from 10 to 7!

  • Rainbow pets required for dark matter changed from 10 to 5!

  • Button and egg information UI is invisible during open animation

  • Added more internal functions

  • Converted pets now play rare open sound for open animation

  • Usernames are now cached in moderator suite

  • Message options



  • Fixed dark matter pets also being rainbow

  • Fixed pet and egg clipping in open animation