Pet Simulator 99!

November 17, 2018

Just a heads up for anyone unaware: Roblox has been having server issues a lot recently which keeps me from pushing updates. This happened to occur yesterday, update day, so it was postponed to today. Sorry for any confusion, nothing I can do about it. If you want to know when this happens, use these resources:

Our Discord: Personal Twitter:


Dark Matter pets! Dark Matter pets have 3x the stats of rainbow pets! They can be made with 10 duplicate rainbow pets and look SUPER COOL in-game. Not going to ruin it, you’ll have to see for yourself!

LIMITED TIME Random Rainbow Egg! Get any pet - rainbow! Take advantage of it while you have it.


Multi-delete has arrived for hats! Finally!


New moderator suite! Yes, this is only for staff. Here’s a cool screenshot though:


Warning! Moderators can now dish out non-permanent warnings which last ~6 hours. You won’t be able to play until this time is up. Hopefully you won’t have to see this for yourself.

Bans have been CLEARED. Take this as a second chance, don’t ruin it!



Randomly hatched rainbow pets are better than ones made manually

Pets required to make rainbow changed from 5 to 10

Egg hatch animation title includes ‘rainbow’ prefix

Heavily optimized rainbow pets. FPS boosts for everyone!

Buffed agonys (only new ones)

Changed mutli-delete selection image

Removed ‘fade’ in gridview



Fixed duping… again.

Fixed golden lava dalmatian

Fixed currency display numbers changing to scientific notation if too big.

Fixed multi-delete still being active (display) after purging pets

Fixed bans/unbans not working until victim rejoined. Oops!