Pet Simulator 99!

November 10, 2018


Tier 18 egg! Get 6 NEW unique pets, including:

- Aesthetic Cat!

- Hydra!

- Spike!


- Chimera!

- Magic Fox!


Gone with Coin Collection, Agility, and Upgrades and heelllllooooo… levels? Yeah! Kinda. After the first 30 minutes of playing, upgrades became useless and differentiating between Coin Collection and Agility was pointless and made some pets just outright worthless. How did I fix this? After this update you will notice:

- All your pets have been converted to a ‘level’. This level indicates your pet's strength. - Your pet ‘level’ will go up everytime you level up, making your pet stronger.

- Your upgrades are gone. Well, actually, upgrades in general are gone.

- Coin pickup speed and rewards should be the same or better.

New pet/hat UI design! Much cleaner and simple, takes up less space!


You can now convert golden pets to rainbow pets!


You can now convert ANY pet to golden!

Hatched pets will now have a random level!

New pet and hat thumbnails! Not only are they sexy, but compressed and resized to dramatically reduce file size and render times. No more waiting for pet images to download!

Halloween is gone, and so are Hallow Coins and the Halloween eggs :(

Cheaper moon coin ‘deal’ product! Get a large amount of moon coins for much cheaper.



Made pet/hat images 2x more vibrant

Added trading ‘processing’ and ‘trade failed’ messages

Updated premium pets UI

Made grid for pet inventory much smaller (more pets on the screen at once)

Trading pet stats no longer includes hat stats (was misleading)

New level/XP equation, exponentially more optimized

‘Converting’ pets will now prioritize the worst pets to combine and will calculate the average new pet’s stats

Rainbow and golden pets are no longer considered ‘super rare’ in inventory

Made pet slot rainbow effect more transparent

Reorganized internal framework stuff

Changed ‘fix’ scripts to a lower priority to reduce server resource hogging

Added pcalls to ‘fix’ scripts so they don’t bug out

Updated pet wing images



Fixed duping once and for all - I hope!

Fixed MASSIVE performance bug where pet calculations would be on a per level basis. Could freeze servers for seconds on some pets.

Fixed bug where very strong pets would freeze client for few seconds when selecting coins

Fixed pixel outline on pet/hat slots

Fixed twitter button anchor position

Fixed golden demon fire particles

Fixed turtle ‘base’ being misaligned

Fixed pet and chest raycasts being too small

Fixed the spooky ‘invisible camera boundary’ in the 2nd zone

(Hopefully) fixed bug where players would have legacy max slots/equipped