Pet Simulator Update 1

Updated: Jan 25, 2019


Pet Simulator Update 1 Changelog (Aug 10th)



  • New area

  • Tier 11 egg! Includes 6 new pets

  • Tier 12 egg! Includes 7 new pets

  • Premium limited-time Snake Egg with 4 possible snake variations

  • You can now see other player's pet nicknames

  • Pet info is now shown during egg open animation

  • Added cyclops pet to tier 8 egg

  • Added ladybug pet to tier 6 egg

  • New server-wide 'effect' when finishing an Omega Chest

  • Rocket ship?



  • Demon drop chance increased from 0.225% to 0.5%

  • Pets will now determine coin pickup distance based on pickup size

  • Re-coded how coin spawning is handled

  • Added product support to shop

  • Progress bar progress now has commas

  • Remade premium shop images



  • Removed shift lock to prevent clipping exploit

  • Fixed climbing out of areas

  • Fixed incorrect collisions

  • Fixed upgrade and inventory UI scrolling to top after refresh

  • Fixed scrollbars on all UIs

  • Fixed rarity displaying incorrectly in premium shop

  • Possible large performance boost with coins

  • + A bit more (didn't track everything)