Pet Simulator 99!

April 27, 2024

Glitched Update!



Weekly Updates

It's happening! We're bringing back weekly updates!

Each week will bring something new. These updates will be themed to keep things exciting!

Stay tuned for leaks as next update is coming on May 4th!


Performance Buff

We've been hard at work behind the scenes, and the results are in!

- Lag improvements that doubled the FPS for most players

- Introduced "Potato Mode" that boosts FPS by 4x for lower-end devices

- Slashed network traffic by a jaw-dropping 100x

Enjoy a faster, smoother, and more optimized game!


Potato Mode

Potato mode disables a lot of visual effects from the game.

It makes it much easier to run on lower end or older devices.

We've seen FPS improve by 4x for lower-end devices.

Toggle potato mode on in your player settings.

If you want to turn it off, you will need to re-log!



Rebirth 7

Rebirth 7 is ready with lots of rewards!

+30% Ultimate Speed - Ultimates recharge 30% faster, permanently!

+25% Ultimate XP - Ultimates earn 25% more XP, permanently!

+20% Huge XP - Huges earn 20% more XP, permanently!

+475% Pet Damage - Pets are 75% stronger, permanently!

Rewards - A bunch of rewards!

Rebirth 7 UI.png
Rebirth 7.png

New Areas

It’s the end of the world! Head into the final 24 areas!

Exit through the final Dominus area and make your way to the Black Hole!

New machines, minigames, and rewards are throughout these areas.

New Areas2.png

New Pets

Hatch 42 pets from the new areas!

Including our favorites: Fragmented Dominus and Atomic Monkey.

Plus, new HUGES! Look at these…

New Pets.png

New Huge Pets

Huge Kangaroo - Found occasionally in Active Huge Pets!

Huge 404 Demon - Found in Glitched Gifts!

Huge Bubble Dog - Reward in the 2024 Bubble Clan Battle!

Huge Black Hole Kitsune - Found in the Exclusive Black Hole Egg!

Huge Black Hole Axolotl - Found in the Exclusive Black Hole Egg!

New Huge Pets.png

New Eggs

Introducing 25 new eggs!

Hatch your way through the Holographic Eggs to the Void Eggs.


New Boss Chest

Find the Boss Chest in the Quantum Space Base Area!

Like usual, these are tough to break, but drop a lot of loot!

New Boss Chest.png

New Currency

1 Tech Emerald Coin = 1m Tech Platinum Bars

1 Tech Emerald Bar = 1m Tech Emerald Coins

New Currency.png

New Ranks

Progress to Rank 27 and 28!

Lots of rank rewards to claim!


New Upgrades

Find 3 more player upgrades in the new areas!


New Shiny Relics

15 more relics! Get to raising your shiny chances!

New Shiny Relics.png

New Free Rewards

Throughout the new areas, find areas to claim FREE things!

Free Potions - Area 185

Free Diamonds - Area 195

New Free Rewards.png

New Vending Machines

Find new and better vending machines!

Bundles II - Area 180

Fruits III - Area 190

New Vending Machines.png

New Clan Battle

Introducing the 8th Clan Battle - Bubble Clan Battle!

Create the most Glitched Gifts!

The clans with the most points wins!


1st Place:

- Gold clan medal

- Huge Bubble Dog, Bubble Hoverboard, Bubble Booth, and Clan Gift

Top 10:

- Silver clan medal

- Bubble Hoverboard, Bubble Booth, and Clan Gift

Top 50:

- Bronze clan medal

- Pixel Booth and Clan Gift

Top 500:

- Clan Gift

Rewards are given to all members of the clan.

Congrats to the winners of the 6th clan battle!

New Clan Battle2.png


Glitch Event

Dive into an electrifying Glitch Event!

Combine cores for gifts which drop limited-time items!

Chance for a HUGE 404 Demon, Glitched Drive, and Glitched Hoverboard!

Don't miss out on this limited-time event for only 2 weeks!


Glitch Machine

This glitched computer can combine cores for gifts!

Each Glitched Gift costs 500 core points to make:

Basic Glitch Core (gray) - 1 point

Rare Glitch Core (green) - 5 points

Epic Glitch Core (aqua) - 20 points

Legendary Glitch Core (orange) - 100 points

Mythical Glitch Core (red) - 500 points

Located at Spawn and the Trading Plaza!


Glitch Cores

There are 5 different kinds of Glitch Cores!

These can be found as item drops and event quest rewards!

Tap the Global Events on the screen to receive quests for glitch core rewards!


Glitch Gift

Made from Glitch Cores in the Glitched Event.

Contains one of the 3 limited-time items!

Chance for a HUGE 404 Demon, Glitched Drive, and Glitched Hoverboard!


Glitch Drive

Glitched into the game! Temporarily increases:

- Coins by 250%

- Diamonds by 25%

- Egg luck by 400%

Found in Glitched Gifts!



Gift Mastery

Gain XP by opening giftbags, bundles & free gifts!

Perks such as:

- Automatically claim free gifts

- 20% better loot from Charm Stones

- 25% chance to get x2 loot from any bundle

- 25% chance to get x2 loot from any Mini-Chest item

- 140% free gift timer speed


Area Surge Machine

A great way to earn a bunch of coins!

Super charge areas to earn 5x coins while activated!

The Area Surge machine is located in Area 177.


Hacker Minigame

Dodge lasers and escape police cats!

Do you have what it takes to get to the end of the hacker obby?



Forever Pack Refreshed

The Forever Pack has been refreshed!

The Titanic Rich Cat has been added to the pack!

Plus, a bunch of new rewards throughout the pack.

Forever Pack.png

Black Hole Exclusive Egg

All new intergalactic pets! The Black Hole Egg!

Featuring the brand new TITANIC Black Hole Angelus!

2 new HUGE pets - HUGE Black Hole Kitsune and HUGE Black Hole Axolotl!

Get them now while the world is ending!


Nightmare Ultimate

Summon a giant eye that shoots a giant laser to decimate breakables!

Chance breakables drop Nightmare Fuel!

Nightmare Fuel improves  drops from minigames by 100% -- including huge chances!


Shiny Supercharge Enchant

Increases the strength of your shiny pets by 100%!

Enchant 1.png

Mini Chest Fortune Enchant

Mini Chests drop 2x better items!

Enchant 2.png

See you in a week! ~ Preston & PS99 Dev Team